The Light Bulb, Recreated – Top Ten from Yanko Design

I just read a great post at Yanko Design (thanks, iSquint!) about some new recreations of the regular ol’ A-Lamp shaped light bulb.  Something that really irks me is when people just recopy entire posts from other folks’ work, and I have seen a lot of people reposting all of Yanko’s content for that post.  That sucks.  Instead, go check out their article.

Illuminated Umbrella

A designer named Sang-Kyun Park has invented an umbrella with LED illumination. It’s called “LightDrops.”

“Well, that’s great,” you might be thinking.

Yeah, true.  It is great.  However, what makes it even greater is the use of a material called “PVDF” that acts as a piezoelectric polymer – so when rain hits Sang-Kyun Park’s umbrella, the beating of the rain down on the material gives it a charge to power the light.  So, the harder the rain, the more light you have.

How’s that for fantastic?  Any better in your eyes now?

Thanks, Yanko Design!

UNStudio’s Big Moire Building

UNStudio, an architecture firm specializing in infrastructure, architecture, and urban development, has a project called the Star Palace, in Taiwan.  About Star Palace, from UNStudio:

A vibrant new landmark has appeared in the fast and modern city of Kaohsiung: the luxury shopping center Star Place. Both outside and inside, the building radiates dynamism and the kind of bright perfection that the architect refers to as the ‘Made in Heaven Effect’. Everything about the building moves the eye.
Positioned at an urban plaza with a roundabout, the building occupies a triangular lot, giving it a wide and open frontage. Curving inwardly, the building embraces this position and opens itself fully to the city. For UNStudio the question of the building began with the façade as an urban manifestation. However the chosen solution of a ‘deep’ front elevation, with a prominent pattern made by the application of protruding elements, was immediately reconnected to the internal arrangement of the spaces around the atrium, the circulation through the atrium and the views from the inside to the outside. As a result, the project now consists of a tight package of inside-outside relations.  The open and transparent glass façade is patterned with projecting horizontal, aluminum-faced lamellas and vertical glass fins that together form a swirling pattern. This pattern breaks up the scale of the building, which, from the outside has no legible floor heights as a result of the one-meter spacing between the horizontal lamellas. Ostensibly, the pattern of lamellas and fins acts as a sunscreen and weather barrier, but in reality the combination of the wish to make a ‘deep’ façade while preserving the internal floor space was behind the choice to apply a pattern to the outside frontage.

This building is enormous, first and foremost; the article I found about this building, from Yanko Design, said that the building specializes in “oohs and ahhs.”  It has a massive chasm in the middle of it, spanning from floor to roof, and creating a void worthy only of the largest of imagination.

Beautiful.  Gaze these images:

Flat Lamp? (I’m sorry, LIGHT BULB for the layperson)

Yanko Design posted about the Flat Bulb – it’s a, um, well, it’s a flat edison lamp, medium screw type, and it’s flat.  It’s a flat bulb.  Designed by Joonhuyn Kim and displayed at the 100% Design Tokyo show this year.  So, the flatness – better for shipping?  Won’t roll away on you?

Shattered Lights – Ira Rozhavsky

Yanko Design’s blog posted an article a week or so ago about Ira Rozhavsky’s design for “Shattered Lights,” a lamp made from white LED’s, broken tempered glass, and a silicone lining cont5aining the whole thing.  Apparently you’re able to bend, twist, and shape the lamp into whatever configuration you’d like.

Check it out:

Shattered 1

Shattered 2

Shattered 3

Studio 1000’s Constellation Lamp

Studio 1000 and Kenzan Tsutakawa-Chinn have produced a beautiful fixture made from a mass of 3mm LEDs attached to strands in a star-explosion like formation.  The lamp is quite beautiful – I don’t think one would do it for me though.  I can see about thirty of these in a large room.

I *highly* recommend checking out the Studio 1000 website.  It’s heavily flash-based, but don’t let that stop you.  Click on the link called “Studio1000riginal” and raise and lower the little dimmer switch.  Amazing stuff.  It’s driven me to figure out how to resin-cast.

original post found on Yanko Design’s website.  Thanks, folks!

Edge Chandeliers

Yanko Design has a post about Hye-Lim Yang’s design for what is being called an “Edge Chandelier.”  Imagine having a fourth of a chandelier with a mirror backing that mounts into a corner.  The mirror creates the illusion of a four-sided chandelier.  Hang one of these in each corner of a room, and you’ve got some output on half of the sources!