Ross Lovegrove’s Andromeda


I love fixtures that use their shape to cast light texture into a room.  Hence, I love this fixture by Ross Lovegrove, called the Andromeda Light.  Ross made this fixture for Yamagiwa, and if you’ve seen the work on Ross’s website, you would see it as another extension of his style.

From Ross Lovegrove, via The Contemporist:

Andromeda is an artificial structure for capturing artificial light.

Emerging from the concept of Netification; the reduction of physical mass through selective perforation across a pre defined form; the concept floats more as a diatomic sea creature in the free ocean of space. It floats in a state of apparent anti gravity, capturing its light within to graphically delineate a structural net as a soft external shadow of itself. The light that is emitted from its LED clusters is reflected back into itself via mirrors orientated to maximise their output and to freely distribute a very pure light. It becomes the source of ambient light within a room, vesting gentle forms like large roots onto adjacent surfaces to form extended relationships onto and into architectural dimensions.

The piece is moulded from a single material as a unified white Botanical, aquatic organism to softly implant a sense of nature into the spaces we inhabit.

Cool.  Nice work, Ross.


Bendy Lights and Foam Mattress Lights?

I keep finding things in twos lately – I just ran across two interesting articels related to home and interior lighting that felt like they needed a double billing.  One of them is a bendy twisty tube called the Bamboo Light System, and the other is called the Zipper Light – and it looks like it’s glowing foam eggcrate!

Here’s the Bamboo Lighting System:

bamboo3 bamboo4

Pedro Reinoso designed the Bamboo Light System for the retailer Yamagiwa.  The system is a series of connectable pieces that can be bent and shaped.  Floor lamps, table lamps, hanging lamps – Pablo’s website has a pretty chandelier-esque fixture created.  Here’s the Yamagiwa’s english-language product page.




The second product is called the Zipper Silicone Lumainaire, designed by John Niero of justnotnormal design –  it looks like eggcrate at the first glance, but it’s a silicone sheet with LEDs embedded into it.  The panels zip together like a quilt, which is the zipper light’s concept.  It has a zipper on its edges so that you can connect it to itself, mount it to a wall, or whatever else you decide to zip it to for fun.  Or maybe you’re doing some serious zipping, not the fun kind.





Thanks, Unplggd and DVICE!