Jonas Wannfors’ Krystall Chandelier

This thing is extremely cool – check out Swedish designer Jonas Wannfor’s Krystall Chandelier:

I love the new-age look of this fixture!  I really want to put a lux meter near it and see what kind of output it has.

It’s essentially a big fiber optic chandelier – the light pump is hidden up inside the aluminum cowling on the top there, and the light refracts through the acrylic rods.  Each rod is heated to create some little facets or fractures to make the rods glow brighter.  Pretty awesome!  Very new age.

I highly recommend checking out Jonas Wannfors’ website, regardless of the fact that there is nothing there.  You can check out another Jonas Wannfors’ project, The Swedes, which is an artistic collaborative he started with Jessica Fryklund and Love Neuschütz.

Krystall Chandelier is a bit way out of my price range, at $1395.00, at Y Lighting.  They are offering free shipping though, there’s that.  Someday I’ll make enough to be able to buy stuff like that!

Ventana by Pablo

It sounds so kitchy to talk about a designer by a single name – Pablo Pardo, for example, being called “Pablo,” as if he’s the lighting designer formerly known as his real name.  Regardless of his rockstar-designer status, his work is innovative, functional, and in great form.  Pablo is among a small list of designers I’ve started to chronicle on Jim On Light – to spread the beauty of the relationship of form and fuction, especially with something as essential as illumination.

Enough of the ruminations on art for form and function – let’s look at the Ventana, by Pablo.

Ventana is a drapery-esque lighting fixture that has the ability to be raised and lowered, and has the ability to lie flat against the wall, or to be maneuvred perpendicular with the wall to which it is attached.

Ventana comes in a mini format (a little less wide than the original Ventana) and in the original length and width.  Y Lighting has the Ventana lamp on “sale” for $560.00.  No, I don’t have an affiliate membership at Y Lighting – it’s just an awesome lamp.