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Happy Birthday, Joesph Swan!

Hey, who's that?  That's Joseph Swan!  Happy Birthday, Joesph Swan! (It was actually on Halloween, but he's dead and I wanted everyone to know about...

Vintage Power and Light: The Coolest Thing to Happen to Tungsten Since Edison!

If you’ve been to an architectural lighting, entertainment lighting, or decorative lighting trade show lately, you should notice an interesting trend:  the lack of...

Hall and Connolly Carbon Arc Spotlight, Restored by Rick Hutton

Have you ever heard of the old lighting company Hall and Connolly, Inc?  They made spotlights - reflector-less carbon arc spotlights, that were huge and, well,...

Kim Carney’s “Little Somethings” Blog. Read It.

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately.  I feel like I'm reading blogs about light and design pretty much any time I'm not...

The Purkinje Effect

When I teach beginning lighting design classes, I always have a week of learning about the eye - how your rods and cones balance...