Holy LED Umbrellas, Batman!

I just found the most ridiculous awful lit-up thing – an LED umbrella with LEDs composing the shaft of the umbrella.  That’s pretty cool in my opinion.  Now if I could only slap an effects engine into the umbrella and make the umbrella itself unrippable, then I am set!

Check out the umbrella on Brando’s website – and check out the video and pictures below.  It’s running around $50 shipped I think, which is a little rich for my blood right now.  Cool umbrella though!





Illuminated Umbrella

A designer named Sang-Kyun Park has invented an umbrella with LED illumination. It’s called “LightDrops.”

“Well, that’s great,” you might be thinking.

Yeah, true.  It is great.  However, what makes it even greater is the use of a material called “PVDF” that acts as a piezoelectric polymer – so when rain hits Sang-Kyun Park’s umbrella, the beating of the rain down on the material gives it a charge to power the light.  So, the harder the rain, the more light you have.

How’s that for fantastic?  Any better in your eyes now?

Thanks, Yanko Design!