A Custom-Built Tron Lightcycle – for only $35,000

Okay, if you’re in your 30s, there’s a chance that you’re like me – a huge fan of the old movie Tron.  There’s lots of merchandise out there, especially lately with the release of the Tron Legacy movie.  Have you seen this latest piece of merchandise?

Yeah.  Now that is absolutely beautiful.  A company called Parker Brothers Choppers in Melbourne, FL just sold some of these on eBay.  As I checked the listing for this bike, which is now over, I noticed that they got a pretty $35,000 for their design!

Hey, the thing is beautiful, that’s or sure. I’m addicted to driving fast, so I give myself a lifespan of about two weeks on that bike.

Thanks, Inhabitat!

TRON – It’s Baaaack

Tron was one of the first movies I remember as a kid being very influential to my desire of working with light. Much to my pleasure, another version of the movie is coming out – Tron Legacy – and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Am I a nerd? Of course. But the original movie and all of its early 1980’s graphics was excellent.

Check out the trailer: