Photos from Somewhere Above the Troposphere

Thunderheads over Georgia

Thunderheads over Georgia

I had a flight into the southeast last week for a job interview.  I can never get my 17″ Macbook open wide enough to do a damned thing with it when I’m sitting in Economy, and I don’t have an iPad anymore because I gifted it to someone.  What I DID have was my iPhone, some really rough storms and turbulence, and a whole lot of time on my hands on the four legs of the flights!


Check out some cool photos I took of the flights into and out of the home of the Gators!  I hope you enjoy them!

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(if you’re reading this, you know who you are, I want my iPad back, you do NOT deserve to have it.)

Jeff Waful +1 is Now on

This is a pretty awesome day for a good friend of mine – Jeff Waful, lighting designer for Umphrey’s McGee, just published the first episode part of his series, Jeff Waful +1, on Relix Magazine‘s website.  FINALLY we have a show about being on the road while ON the road!  Part one is live now on the Relix site, Part two is coming later today.

Check out the Jeff Waful +1 trailer:

I am so happy for you, Jeff!  Everybody, this is a pretty awesome series.  You MUST check it out if you have ever worked on the road!  Head on over to Relix Magazine right now to check out the series!  Great job, brother!

Sweden, Ho!

I’m about to get on the plane to Stockholm – if you’re bored, here’s a flight tracker that will detail the status of my flight.

Yes, layovers suck.

I am a staunch believer in the Bus Rule applying to the plane:
Rule #1:  NO #2 on the plane!

See you in Stockholm!

Is It Okay If I Take A Few Days Off?

Folks, I need to do something that doesn’t get done very often around my world…  I need to take a few days off to travel to Sweden and get situated!  I am going to not have any posts on Tuesday and maybe Wednesday, which both breaks my heart and makes me wish I was writing both of those days.  I will be traveling overseas and moving into a dorm room.

The minute I get internet access, which should be pretty immediately, I will update the website and post about my travels.  I hope that everyone is well, and wish me luck – I am starting a new journey!

If I have any time to post while I am laid over in O’Hare, I promise that I will!