April 2015’s TOP TEN JimOnLight Posts

Ah, we love seeing what you love to read, what irks you, what you love, what you hate, and everything in between!

Like, for example, whenever I post segments of video that appeared somewhere else in parts, I always throw a shout-out to my favorite Product Manager Brad Schiller so he doesn’t yell at me via email!

But with all seriousness, even though I am still surprised that “seriousness” is a word, it sounds like a mistake, here’s the TOP TEN posts for April 2015!  Counting down to #1 from this month’s #10…

#10:  JimOnLight at #USITT, in Photos!

Hi Richard!

Hi Richard!

#9:  TESLA:  The Race to Zero Point Energy


#8:  My God, It’s Full of STARS!  What You See When Your Eyes are Closed, Phosphenes!


#7:  LER:  Luminaire Efficacy Rating


#6:  The RESOURCES PAGE on JimOnLight!




#4:  How to Make the Electric Pickle Experiment


#3:  Lighting 101 – Luminance vs. Illuminance


#2 of April 2015:  Reversed Decisions in the Indiana State Fair Collapse


…and this month’s #1 post:  Stage Weights, Dropped On Things, for FUN!  (Video will hopefully be restored soon, stay tuned!!)




Top Wind Power Stories of 2012


I read a lot of blogs about alternative energy, its production, and its usage across many different industries.  It’s interesting stuff for me!

I found a great story that you have to check out over at CleanTechnica; it’s their Top 10 Wind Power Stories of 2012.  WELL worth the read!

Check out CleanTechnica’s Top Ten Wind Power Stories of 2012!

JimOnLight’s Top 10 Posts of 2012

It is so much fun for me to see what people like to read on JimOnLight over the course of the year – or week, or month, or quarter, I am nuts about research!

Check out the top 10 posts of last year – what was your favorite JOL post from 2012???

Post #10:
Multiverse, by Leo Villareal

Post #9:
JimOnLight’s Guide to Christmas Lights, Part 4:  Christmas Light Power and Safety

Post #8:
The Phenomenon of Earthquake Lights

Post #7:
Travel Tips for Squints on the Wing

Post #6:
The McNamara Tunnel, Detroit Airport

Post #5:
The Gaff Tape Dress Showdown

Post #4:
High End Systems at LDI 2012 — and HOG 4!

Post #3:
DIY Globe Cluster Chandelier-esque Fixtures

Post #2:
Lighting 101 — Luminance VS. Illuminance

…and the #1 most visited post on JimOnLight of 2012:

Stephen Hawking is a PLAYA

Tune in next time, we’ll have the Top 10 Posts on JimOnLight Read While Farting on NYC Public Transit.  Stay tuned!

I didn't choose the thug life

The Most Visited Posts of 2011 So Far –’s Top 10

I used to write these more often, but for some reason I’ve gotten away from it.  I really, really dig what other people like to read on, and I love to see what kinds of trends the Community holds.

Top Ten Most Visited Links on for 2011!

  1. The second page of!  YEEHAAA!
  2. Thomas Edison on Failure
  3. DIY Globe Cluster-esque Chandeliers
  4. Art with Shadows:  Tim Noble and Sue Webster’s Trashy Shadows
  5. The Technical Evolution of Automated Lighting:  High End Systems’ Intellaspot XT-1 and PRG’s Bad Boy
  6. Mike Zinman’s PORTFOLIO for iPhone
  7. The Gaff Tape Dress Showdown!
  8. Mindseye’s Lighting Design for Bermondsey Square – very cool!
  9. The Recommended Reading Store!
  10. Something Horribly Wrong is Going On at Wicked Lasers

Awesome!  Thank you to EVERYBODY for reading!!!

Top Ten Posts at, So Far

I was curious today about what the top ten visited posts ever were on – I am always amazed at what is liked, disliked, and requested from everyone.  Keep the requests coming, I am ever so grateful that you read the site!  I am excited to write for 10 months in Sweden, that’s certain!

Top Ten Posts on, Ever:

1.  Attention Lighting Designers:  You Must Read Texas House Bill 2649

2.  PRG’s Bad Boy


4.  Texas House Bill 2649:  What You Can Do

5.  Texas House Bill 2649 Passes

6.  NYC’s Empire State Building Lit for Elections

7.  Posts tagged with Chris Kuroda

8.  the contact page at!

9.  posts tagged with Texas House Bill 2649

10. posts tagged with resources

Thank you so much for reading  It means so much to me that you do!