Top Ten Posts EVER on JimOnLight!

I love looking through statistics and analyses of JOL — from where people read around the world to which kinds of stories that people around the globe like to read on the site.  One of my favorite things is seeing which posts are the most visited and why.  It might seem silly to most, but when you look at the world as a metric, it’s actually pretty neat!

People across the time that has been publishing articles have ranked these ten posts as the most visited ten posts in the history of as of the date of publishing this post, counting down from #10:

10:   The Phenomenon of Earthquake Lights


9:   The Gaff Tape Dress Showdown


8:   Sorry Governor Daniels, We’re In The Business of Keeping Fans Safe — the Indiana State Fair Collapse Continues


7.   Happy Birthday, Stephen Hawking!


6.   Madonna Stage Collapses


5.   DIY Globe Cluster Chandelier-esque Fixtures


4.   Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse — Five Dead, Now What?


3.   Lighting 101:  Luminance VS. Illuminance


2.   Something Horribly Wrong is Going On at Wicked Lasers


…and the NUMBER ONE LINK visited by JOL readers since its inception…


Top Ten Posts of 2012 – First Quarter!

(AWWW!  I miss my Dewey D ‘Oh Dat’s mah Dew’ and my Stink R. Butt!)

I used to do these pretty frequently, but I’ve become so engrossed in the research aspect of writing that I completely put these off!  I LOVE to see what the world likes and dislikes that I write, it’s a real great incentive into the feel of learning about light on the web!

Here’s the top ten posts of 2012 so far – I’m pretty excited that the home page is the top hit!

  1. JimOnLight Home Page!
  2. Happy Birthday, Stephen Hawking!
  3. Something is Going Horribly Wrong at Wicked Lasers
  4. DIY Globe Cluster Chandelier-esque Fixtures
  5. Lighting 101:  Luminance VS. Illuminance
  6. Indiana State Fair Collapse Report Blames Mid-America Sound and IATSE
  7. 55,000 LEDs Make A Cathedral
  8. The Gaff Tape Dress Showdown
  9. The McNamara Tunnel, Detroit Airport (designed by Marcus Wuebker, one bad ass mopho of a lighting designer/programmer!)
  10. The Phenomenon of Earthquake Lights

I can’t tell you how good the readership makes me feel – you are all very dedicated readers, and I love researching for you!!!