JimOnLight’s Top Five Posts for November


I love reading the analyses of what you all like to read – every time I want to write one of these top five posts, I am always, always surprised!

November 2009’s Top Five Posts, starting with the number 1 post for November:

  1. Robert Mokry and the BFL-192 LED Luminaire
  2. VLX:  Inside the New LED Marvel of Moving Lights
  3. Oh No They Didn’t:  Christmas Lighting Controller
  4., page 2!
  5. Art with Shadows:  Tim Noble and Sue Webster’s Trashy Shadows

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Last Week’s Most Popular Posts


I’m getting a bit more settled here in Sweden – one of the things I love to do is check on the analytics (you know, metrics) of pages.  I find it very interesting what people read the most from week to week!

Over the last week, the most visited pages on were the following:

1.  The Best Source Four Imitation EVAR (Congratulations, Daphne!!!)

2.  page two of!

3.  pages tagged with “lighting toys”

4.  Pussy Cat Dolls – Video by Naked

5.  PRG’s Bad Boy

Thanks for reading, everybody.  I love to write about light more than I could ever express!

July’s Top Posts (So Far)

I always find it interesting to see what JimOnLight readers like, and what are the most visited pages.  This month is no different, very interesting!

1.  Pussycat Dolls – Video by Naked

2.  the second page of the website!

3.  posts tagged with “resources

4.  PRG’s Bad Boy

5.  I’m Sorry to Hear about Michael Jackson, Patrick Woodroffe and Crew

April 2009’s Top Posts

It’s been a while since I’ve listed the most liked posts from a month – there’s been a lot of news, and it’s kept me busy!  I always find it interesting to see what readers read most.

To no surprise, and for yet another month, the #1 post is about PRG’s Bad Boy.  Congrats, PRG!

2.   Posts tagged with “Chris Kuroda”

3. Stickers!

4.   Feast Your Eyes on Robe’s LIFI Fixture:  ROBIN 3 Plasma Spot

5.   VLX:  Vari-Lite’s LED Wash Luminaire

January’s Top Posts

Check out January 2009’s top posts – I love to see what the readers like!

1.  NYC’s Empire State Building Lit for the 2008 Presidential Election

2.’s Interview with Tony McGettigan from Luxim

3.  PRG’s Bad Boy

4.  The Purkinje Effect

5.  What Seems Like Ancient History:  The Justin Timberlake/Christina Aguillera Truss Collapse

Last Week’s Top Five Posts

I love the analyzing of web data!

Here’s the top five posts from December 1 to December 7.  Thanks for coming back – if you have a light-related subject you’d like to see more information on, please post a comment!

1.  PRG’s Bad Boy

2.  NYC’s Empire State Building, Lit for Elections

3.  Jim On Light Posts in the “Fixtures” Category

4.  Jim On Light Posts Tagged with “RGBIG”

5.  Clay Paky’s LDI 2008 Booth