What? Crackhead Steals A School’s Solar Panels For Crack



I just read a story about some 32 year old ass-hat who stole about $50,000 in solar panels from a school’s rooftop to buy some kind of drugs – this guy stole the panels and hid them in a storage unit, along with a bunch of cold weather gear stolen from a non-profit organization that helps military veterans.  Oh yeah, he had some stolen lawn care equipment and bicycles, too.  What a winner.

This story is actually pretty ridiculous – and just goes to show that people who are not smart enough to avoid being caught for stuff this stupid should not do things for which they will get caught.  This moron, from jail while awaiting a felony drug charge, called his friend and asked him to get rid of the solar panels from the storage unit.  Police were monitoring the call, and sent some officers to the unit where they discovered 17 of the stolen panels and other stolen merchandise.

This guy’s lawyer said “What was found in the storage shed, his behavior, is indicative of a drug addict going on a run.”  Yeah?  Well, tough crap, d-bag.  That’s what you get for stealing a school’s solar panels.

Thanks, Consumer Energy Report!

Bentley Meeker Gear Stolen, January 13

I just got news from The Light Network that Bentley Meeker was robbed in the early morning of January 13, 2009 – someone stole a bunch of gear and 14′ two box trucks.  The trucks were recovered, but the gear was gone.  The trucks were parked on 36th Street in Manhattan, and discovered in Queens.

Apparently lots of stuff was taken, including (with serials):

2 @ NEC PX-61XM3A 61″ Plasmas
(SN#5900121-9K, 5900116-9K)

4 @ Pioneer PDP-504CMX 50″ Plasmas
(SN#DKSS0080067J, DKSS008008UJ, DKSS007991UJ, DKSS007329UJ)

1 @ Sanyo XF-70 Projector
(SN#92852, MFG: G8401400)

1 @ Sanyo 4.6-6.0:1 Lens
(for XF series projector)

36 @ Black Color Kinetics Color Blasts 12 TR

3 @ City Theatrical PDS750-TR

20 @ 72″ LED Color Blazes
(belonging to Creative Stage Lighting)

This sucks.  Obviously, if you’ve seen this gear, get ahold of Jon Prokopchak, the shop manager at Bentley Meeker.  Call the shop at 212-722-3349, x229 or email

Sorry to hear of this, guys.  I hope you find at least some of your stuff.

NEWSFLASH: Audio West’s Tour Truck Stolen

All lighting and audio people know about the hilarious rivalry we have between us, but this just sucks so much that people need to know about it.  Glenn Hatch’s tour truck, loaded with audio, was stolen in Placentia, CA.  Obviously, if you have seen it, please contact him.

Good luck, Glenn.

AUDIO WEST owner Glenn Hatch reported this morning that his 26′ FREIGHTLINER white tour truck with a gray cab, license plate no. GU91747 was stolen from his parking lot in Placentia, California on Saturday 12/13, 2008.

Contents of this Audio West truck, contained the items below:
Midas XL8
Yamaha PM1D
6 channels of 3K/5K receivers
8 SKM5000 with KK105 capsules
20 KM184/185
Multiple d+b audioteknik speaker enclosures
Multiple ATA cases – black, filled with equipment

Please broadcast this information so that we can help one of our best friends in this industry. You may contact Glenn Hatch if you hear/see anything.
Glenn Hatch
Audio West
670 S. Jefferson Street, Unit G
Placentia, CA 92870-6638
Office phone: 714.528.2285
Office fax: 714.528.9070
Cell phone: 714.920.7520
Pager: SKYPE: in-sanity42