Kinetic Dancefloor

Funny enough, after writing the post about Sustainable Dance Clubs, I found an article from Interactive Architecture about the kinetic dance floors used in places like Club Watt and the new place opening up in London (King’s Cross, actually).

The floors are equipped with a spring mount system that operate a piezoelectric block, sending the power to batteries used to power whatever it’s connected to, in this case, the LED dance floor.

Kubik: The Temporary Dance Club

In researching about the Sustainable Dance Club concept, I discovered an article by Inhabitat about a series of dance club installations in Germany and Spain called Kubik.  These temporary dance club venues were outdoor installations created by lighting up reclaimed industrial tanks and fusing them into a melding of architecture, music, and lighting.

You definitely need to check out the project pages – Kubik had installations in Berlin, Barcelona, and Lisbon.  These were all “green” (environmentally friendly) and temporary, and apparently a big hit.

World’s First Sustainable Dance Club Opens in Rotterdam

Inhabitat has an article about the first Sustainable Dance Club that opened in Rotterdam, called Club Watt.  Club Watt features an LED dance floor that is powered by the kinetic energy the dancers generate, and has other

elements of sustainability set forth by the Sustainable Dance Club group.

How does a dance club become a part of this group?

To qualify as a Sustainable Dance Clubâ„¢ your club must reach a certain level of sustainability as defined by the 5 SDCâ„¢ guidelines:
– 30% less environmental impact than average clubs
– Sustainability integrated in both building and organisation
– Installation of 3 SDCâ„¢ spectaculars that show sustainability to the public (Sustainable Dance Floor, Zero Waste Bar, Waterwall)
– Communication plan on how to inform the public about sustainability
– Sustainable business plan with yearly targets and evaluation