JOL Sunday Flickr #22

It’s an evening edition of the JOL Sunday Flickr — it’s been a decent day full of a bit of relaxation, laundry, and hanging out with the awesome Mr. Ben Dickmann this afternoon for a bit.

Check out a great bunch of photography of our favorite subject — lumens!  Make sure to give these great photogs some click loving!  Also, check out the JimOnLight Flickr Group — join us, why don’t you?

Our reward for busting ass to get all our shit covered before the downpour

Rays of Light in Sherwood Forest

Light Crime


light painting smile fingers

Deference of the Departed

Beautiful colors


Tap Kids! 2011 Showcase


First Light

Have an awesome night, everybody!

JOL Sunday Flickr #20

Another Sunday, another amazing bunch of photos from the JimOnLight Flickr Photo Pool!

Check out this week’s offering from a great bunch of photogs.  Make sure you give them some love, it’s important to each of their careers!

light mosaic


Light Crime

Light and Weed ·.¸¸.·´â˜…

light painting smile fingers

Catching light trails at St.Paul's London at Night...

Light Curtain

Wheat in golden Evening Light

Lighting Setup

JOL Sunday Flickr #19


Happy Sunday, everybody!

I hope that today’s installment of photos from the JimOnLight Flickr Group meets your approval as you’re sipping on some coffee surrounded by your loved ones…  or pets…  or absolutely by yourself if that’s what you’ve been dealt today.  I always loved sitting on my 21st story balcony on Sunday mornings in Oklahoma City when I lived there, just staring off in the middle distance at the wonderment that comes from living 252 feet above the street.

Here’s today’s collection of awesome photos by some awesome photographers.  Check them out, and give their respective pages some traffic!  Have an awesome morning, everyone!  AWESOME!

Runway to Mars

Lights in Alingsås #1

Sunset Showoff.

philippines   (  explore  )


Light in The Subway - Canyoneering in Zion National Park


Paris Exposition: night view, Paris, France, 1900

Light & Shadow


in the heat of the fired wing we rise again...




Sunset 3  -  10.16.11

JOL Sunday Flickr #14

it’s another Sunday, which means another week of Mondays is coming fast.  How was your weekend?  Was it all that you wanted it to be?

Here’s another installment of the JOL Sunday Flickr — which I have been informed recently is a big hit in the European community!

Superstudio Group - Via Tortona - Fuori Salone

Celestial Strands

This is normal, right?

Light in The Subway - Canyoneering in Zion National Park

Anti Tank Domes



Kaleidoscope Event



laser FX designed by Rick Hutton

Glorious Morning Startrail

JOL Sunday Flickr #13


It’s a fine rainy Sunday here in Toronto, and it’s another fine episode of the JimOnLight Flickr Group!  Enjoy some excellent photographers’ choices in the JOL Flickr pool while you’re enjoying this fine Sunday afternoon!

Euroluce '13 Il paralume Marina

Squinty Bridge



A Chorus Line

lumen on glowstick night

Let’s play What’s Wrong with This Picture?
What's wrong with this picture?

JOL Sunday Flickr #12


Ooh, it’s been a long day.  It’s been a long, long, long day that is still gonna keep kicking for another few hours, but let me tell you — I’m perfectly OK with staying up researching something regarding light.  I find it just delightful that I can enjoy even the most mundane light-related tasks.  My career is like an entire day on the playground, most days!

Enjoy a late night version of the JOL Sunday Flickr — and if you’re up late, we’re up late together!

Lighting Loves Way

My Toronto apartment ceiling

Cooking Hell! FDT

eye beam


World's Largest Disco 2010




Glenwood Power Station

S4 Plug


5 of 365:  445 nanometers

Have an amazing Monday when it rolls around!


JOL Sunday Flickr #8

Another week and another JOL Sunday Flickr!  I went old-school this week, digging down from the first few days of the Flickr Group.  Ah, the memories!


In-Car Monaro Light Trails - Image 6


Inner Space Explosion

Backstage Lights

Museumnacht 2008


deep blue - Sonnenuntergang in Assamstadt

white man can jump

Light MK1 Special


JOL Sunday Flickr #6

It’s that time again — the time where we all take a peek at random shots from peoples’ lives across the world and wonder why it is we’re sitting on the couch on this Sunday instead of being outside and enjoying the sun!  In Toronto, the rain pours down onto everything that’s already soaked, giving the ground less of a reprieve than it had just five short days ago when this rain started.  Ah, the joys of the beginning of winter!

Check out an excellent selection from the JOL Flickr Group Photo Pool — make sure to give these photographers some link love!

A Chours Line


Love Is Light


teal sky in my mind

Seeing the future in my crystal ball


Flaming Heart

Florida Snowman


In The Depths of Trier Dom, Germany

JOL Sunday Flickr

It’s that time again, wonderful JOL readers across the world!  I have a collection of Flickr Group photos that will be sure to excite and inspire!  Well, I’m inspired, at least!

But seriously, I love to provide the world with beautiful things to look at, and these photos are certainly that.  Please pay the photographers some heed and go check out their photostreams, it’s important, support the art!

Lumen Christi




Chicago Theater

Ben Folds Five

Mr Baley



Bokeh Orbs

hide and seek

Gracie's thinking WTF

Blue Fear

BlueOrb ELWire BluelaHoop Combo

Inner Space Explosion

JOL Sunday Flickr #3

Another Sunday, another time to take a moment for some excellent digital photo art, complete with light!

Well, that’s kind of a redundant statement obviously…

Check out this Sunday’s installment of the new and improved (somehow, I think this is sarcasm on my part) JOL Sunday Flickr, in this case being episode 3!  Everything ever posted here comes from the JimOnLight Flickr Group Photo Pool, which has lots of beautiful work submitted by photogs and light artists across the globe!  All of the photos are All Rights Reserved for the photographer, protected by Flickr and Creative Commons.  Don’t forget!

Anti Tank Domes

Chicago Airport - 1

Periaktoi Light Boxes

Lyon in the Evening


Circle Circus

The Mothership

Marble Lamp



colors on a backdrop

Camera Toss 81

Alberto Rionda (Avalanch)

Museumnacht 2008

Devil's Advocate

Have a great Sunday, everybody!