Sunday Solar News

I quite enjoy putting all of these solar news stories together.  Is it too cheesy that Sunday and Solar start with “s,” and that they’re kind of related?

Who cares about cheesy.  Onto the stories!

Cree LEDs Light Up Dallas American Airlines Center Video Screens
(press release from Cree)

10 First Solar Deals in the US
(article from Earth2Tech)

Solar Energy Flexes its Muscles in Arizona
Big Solar Kills Kill-Solar Bill
(both articles from CleanTechnica)

Largest Solar Plant in Europe Set to Open in Italy
Solar Plant Charges Your Gadgets with the Sun’s Rays
(both articles from Inhabitat)

Apple has Patented Solar Lights for the Laptop Screen
(article from FavStocks)

University of Minnesota’s Award-Winning Solar Powered House to Be Available for Purchase
(article from UMNews)

Solar Powered Gateway for Nigerian Capital Unveiled
(article from Archinect)

Robot Builds and Tests Thin-Film Solar Panels
(article from TreeHugger)

Sunday Solar News

I was digging around in the hundreds of tabs I have open in Google Chrome (yes, hundreds), and I have so many tabs open right now on solar news and products that I figured a list would suffice.  After all, those hundreds of open tabs aren’t doing $#!& sitting on my machine, right?

America, there is so much news on solar tech right now.  I urge you to seek it out.

A DIY Solar-Powered Walkway Weekend Project

MIT and the Indian Government in Talks for A High-Power Solar Battery System

Stored Solar Energy and Georgia’s Suniva, Inc – Grid-Stored Solar Energy

VASIMR Plasma Rocket for A Lunar Tug

A Solar-Powered Herb Dryer

Huge Parking Lot Solar Array Powers NJ Grid with 1 Million+ Annual kWh

A Solar-Powered DIY Bottle Boat

21st Century Solar Tech Meets 15th Century Architecture

Ventamatic Ltd CX2121 Power Automatic Gable Vent Shutter

High School Students to Make an Old Tractor Run Clean on Solar Power

A Solar-Powered Eco Freezer

Solar and Wind Power Feel the Hear from Low Natural Gas Prices

First Solar Begins Operation of the Largest Thin-Film PV Plant in California