Barcelona Does Something with Civil Lighting That All Municipalities Should Do

Barcelona, Spain has added some intelligent planning to some of their street lighting – they’ve added sensors and detectors to sense the presence of people passing through an area.  Coupled with LED sources for illumination, the city of Barcelona shuts off lighting to certain sections of the city when not being traversed at that specific second.  The city is expected to save 30% on civil lighting costs.

The Good website posted a video about this project – check it out below:

Urban Green Energy’s Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

A company called Urban Green Energy is putting out what they’re calling a vertical axis wind turbine, and they’ve incorporated it with a solar PV panel into a few designs for a street light fixture.  The vertical axis turbine is what it says – a turbine that incorporates vertical blades into its rotation, cutting down on form factor and maybe even making the fixture a little sleeker than a regular bladed prop.  Urban Green Energy also has the typical propeller design as well, but have added this vertical axis device into their rep.  LED powered, wind and solar powered, this design is to help eliminate the draw of urban street lighting from the grid.

There is little info on the fixture as of yet – Urban Green Energy only has an inquiry form on it.

solar wind streetlamp

streetlamp solar

solar led street lamp

streetlamp vertical axis

Thanks, Josh Spear!