Steffi Min’s PEG – This is AWESOME and Simple and AWESOME.

Holy crap.  Have you seen Steffi Min‘s PEG lamp?  Well, to be fair it’s more of a socket than it is a lamp – it’s like taking the idea of a light socket, revolutionizing it, and then taking that simple idea and combining it with something we all can recognize.  Steffi’s PEG fixture is the idea of a clamped socket around a light source – using the clothes pin design as the base.  The video is super quick, 30 seconds, but you have to see this.

Peg from Steffi Min on Vimeo.

Steffi, I want to buy you a beer.  Or maybe a bourbon.  Perhaps I can buy you a scotch as well?

Also, people – go check out Steffi Min’s design website – she’s an industrial designer, and she has talent.  Way cool.