Hall and Connolly Carbon Arc Spotlight, Restored by Rick Hutton

Have you ever heard of the old lighting company Hall and Connolly, Inc?  They made spotlights – reflector-less carbon arc spotlights, that were huge and, well, new then, old now! Hall and Connolly, Inc, from what I can find through research, became part of the Sperry Corporation and the Sperry Corporation’s holdings at some point in the WAY early 1900’s.  The Sperry Corporation made big wartime spotlights and other World War II-era gear.

The IATSE #354 website had some awesome information on these spots, including a manual!  I posted the pics of the manual pages after the gallery, check them out!

Check out this Hall and Connolly spotlight – Rick Hutton from InLight Gobos restored this puppy (Spot #322) from dilapidated rustiness to a state of beauty:

This is what it looked like before:

Look through this gallery of shots – click on a thumbnail, a gallery view will open, and you’ll be able to see them all full-sized!

Hall and Connolly Spotlight Manual pages:

Thanks Rick for letting me shoot the spot, and thanks to IATSE #354 for the pics of the manual!

Toshiba’s LED Spotlight for TV Studios


Toshiba is releasing a high-output LED fixture for use in television studios – as we all know, I’m sure that we can adapt the fixture for uses outside of the TV studio, just give it a few hours.  Toshiba’s fixture, the AL-LED-FS-6, consumers 100W and outputs about 860 lux at 3 meters with a 2 meter pool – which compares to a 500W halogen at 870 lux.  Nice!

The AL-LED-FS-6 is claiming to solve some of the problems that putting a 500W fixture close to something in a studio creates – “it’s too hot on my face!” comments, fading from irradiated items, power consumption.  You know, typical gripes.  The fixture is looking like a $5100+ fixture (about 500,000 yen), and you’ll see it at Light Fair 2009.  A few of these and a few LDDE SpectraWOW+ fixtures, and you’re set!

I’m doing a show during Light Fair 2009 – will someone please take pictures?

Thanks, TechOn!

LDI – Strong Lighting’s Booth

Here’s an image I took of Strong’s booth at LDI.  Lots of spotlights, and you could see them from pretty much any vantagepoint in the convention hall.

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