Richard Cadena Needs Our Help to Help Someone in Need

I am kicking myself in the face about this one, which is a very interesting sight (because I’m wearing my Teva sandals).  I scheduled this post at LightFair last week, but I did something that made it not post.  I am rectifying that right now.

I posted last week about Richard Cadena’s South African student friend Titus.  Ogunyemi “Titus” Oladimeji (the audio student at SAE in Capetown, South Africa), needs help with a laptop, and Richard is having a fundraiser to raise some money to buy him a used laptop.  Richard is trying to raise $1500 bucks for this project by May 28.  I’m reaching out to the Community – can you help?

Check out the widget below – anything is appreciated!

A Laptop Donation Call – Help to A South African Student

I am very invested in the future of today’s students, especially in the business – today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders and industry changers.  We owe it to the world to invest ourselves in their future.  I just got an email from Richard Cadena about someone who needs a hand, and I thought I would send out a call and see if anyone happened to be in a  place to help someone else.

Richard’s young friend Titus in Cape Town, South Africa is in need of a Mac laptop for an audio course he’s taking in Cape Town.  If you happen to have a Mac laptop that you’re not using, ready to recycle, or donate, would you consider donating to our friend Titus?  Please send me an email through the contact form and I’ll get something moving.

If you need more motivation besides helping someone, you can take a tax deduction on donations, of course.