High End SHOWPIX T-Shirt Contest REMINDER!

Hey Cat, could you remind people about the High End Showpix T-Shirt Contest?

The trivia question:

Holding down what 2 keys on the Wholehog will open the Programmer window?

You have until June 21, 2009 at 11:59pm to send me your answer via the contact form.  DO NOT post your answer in the comments, that would be way uncool, man!

Setting Up Pixellage – Cat West’s Video

One of the people I follow on Twitter – a gal named Cat West – has published a video on using the Echo software to collage across pixelation luminaires (ie, StudioPix and ShowPix).  It’s a good video – please check it out!

Setting up Pixellage from Cat West on Vimeo.

Also, check out Cat’s blog at Console Trainer.  Thanks, Cat!

Interview with Chris Kuroda, Lighting Designer for Phish – Part Two

The second installment of my interview with Chris Kuroda, lighting designer for the band Phish.  The interview took place on the afternoon of the second night of the Hampton Coliseum run early in March 2009.

I think there are going to be 4 or 5 clips in total; I wanted people to be able to watch these in pieces, as I know everyone is busy.  Chris talk about using the ShowPix in his Hampton rig and how bright they are, redrawing the show, upcoming changes, complex cue stacks, visualization software, perfection, and environmental consciousness during touring and festivals.

I hope you enjoy it!  A few more parts to go!

High End’s Pixellage Software

High End Systems and Barco have released some software called Pixellage – the software allows the user/designer/programmer to apply an image across several of High End’s pixel luminaires, like ShowPix and StudioPix.

From the press release:

Barco, a global leader in video and lighting solutions, today announces the release of Pixellage, a new software feature for two High End Systems Pixelation Luminaires. This feature allows the SHOWPIX and StudioPix luminaires to display one image across multiple fixtures, providing an eye-catching stage presence, especially on television and for outdoor daytime events. The SHOWPIX and StudioPix luminaires are hybrid LED wash lights and graphic image display fixtures.

When Pixellage is used in conjunction with the latest version of High End Systems’ Echo software, users can easily divide a single piece of content into discrete files and assign each portion to different fixtures for output. This interactive process uses templates, alignment tools and media manipulation functions to provide lighting professionals with the power to create striking imagery across multiple fixtures. The procedure is streamlined with a familiar user interface and simple controls. Once created, the individual files are uploaded to the fixtures and are then ready for playback to create one combined image.

“The Pixellage feature brings the power and flexibility to the Pixelation Luminaire family that the Collage Generator feature brought to the digital lighting family,” noted Chris Colpaert, VP Creative Lighting. “It’s a remarkably creative addition to the lighting professional’s toolbox.”

The Pixellage feature, which previewed at the LDI 2008 trade show in Las Vegas, is now available for download on the Barco website and from



The Elation Impression LED Fixture


I’ve obviously mentioned about eleventy times already that I was at the three nights of the band Phish’s reunion concerts at Hampton Coliseum; I also mentioned that I was able to interview the lighting designer for Phish, Chris Kuroda!  That interview transcript and video is coming soon – but one of the things I wanted to talk about specifically were some of the LED sources that have made their way into the Phish lighting rig.

For the Hampton shows, Chris was using 32 Mac III‘s, 14 Mac 2000 XB Wash fixtures, 8 High End ShowPix, 14 Martin Atomic 3K Strobes with scrollers, and 38 Elation Impression LED fixtures.  Chris talked in detail about how he handles the difference between designing with the LED Impression fixtures versus the PAR64 sources he was using with a curve on the fader, and how much he likes the quickness of the LED sources.  He also had great praise for the ShowPix fixtures, which were used throughout very tastefully.

The Elation Impression fixtures were placed throughout the rig and used primarily for a toplight-esque system – but on several occasions they were used in a fan-delay tilt effect, and the brightness of the Impression fixture is amazing!  High output and low energy consumption at 60 lumens per watt through Luxeon K2 LEDs (90 of them) gives the Impression superiority over the 575W sources out there on the market.  Impression comes with a lens carrier and a choice between 10° and 25° – and it’s FAST!  660° pan moves in 2 seconds, 300° tilt in 1 second! Impression is DMX-512 controlled, taking a 3-pin XLR.  If you have a chance to spec some of the Impression LED lumainaires, I highly recommend checking them out!

25c2b0-lens-kit impression-six-pack

Finland Has “Idols,” and Showguns

Did you know about this?  FInland has an “Idol” like show, and they’re using some Showguns and some Showpix in their rig.  From the press release from Barco (thanks, Debi!):

The formula is the same: the wannabe stars sing their hearts out for a chance at being the final winner of the “Idol” title. The TV talent series has its own versions in countries around the world.   Finland’s 2008 “Idols” used 6 High End Systems SHOWGUN automated luminaries throughout the series, adding 10 SHOWPIX pixilation luminaires recently for the final broadcast. Moving Light Oy supplied the HES products.

Lighting operator Mikki Kunttu says, “The SHOWGUN is really the best possible fixture for TV. I love that super high power beam it produces. Also, the strobes (beam and LED) are really amazing on TV. The SHOWGUNs are there for the power they have. They also add an extra dimension to the lighting, giving the stage more depth and more attitude.”

SHOWPIX in Action!

MSNBC has a video of the Showpix in action during a Beyonce outdoor performance.  Check them out!  (and I don’t mean the catsuits…)

Check out the video here.

SHOWPIX Images from LDI 2008

I took a bunch of pics of the ShowPix at LDI this year.  I have to say, that fixture is B-R-I-G-H-T.  It’s pretty fast (in my humble opinion) and I was impressed with it.  I spoke with a guy from BARCO who told me that they have released a digitizer for ShowPix and StudioPix now, which allows you to spread your fixtures out in the program and send your images and video across your array of fixtures.  Excellent!

FYI:  All of my images are © Jim Hutchison and Alive Lighting.  Please don’t use without my permission.

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High End Unveils StudioPix


High End unveiled the smaller, more compact version of their new LED pixel luminaire, the StudioPix.  Kind of like an LED version of the Studio Color (except much more excellent, as the Studio Color has no 3W LED’s).  From the news release:

Smaller than its predecessor SHOWPIX, StudioPix features a circular array of 61 homogenous 3-watt LEDs on a 13.5-inch diameter head with an output of 11,500 RGB lumens. The pixels offer unlimited possibilities by projecting not just color, but also displaying images and effects that transform the fixture head into a display device.

Looks like the StudioPix is shipping in the early Autumn.  I’m looking forward to seeing this in production!  More news as it develops.

SHOWPIX – A Richard Belliveau Concept from High End

High End Systems and Richard Belliveau have developed a pretty interesting new LED fixture – the ShowPIX.  From the official High End release:

SHOWPIXâ„¢, a combination high power LED wash light and programmable high intensity graphic image-displaying fixture, represents the first in HES’ new product line of Pixelation Luminairesâ„¢.

SHOWPIX is another “radical rethinking” lighting product concept by acclaimed inventor and HES Chief Technology Officer Richard Belliveau and his research and development team.

Showpix has all kinds of good press images, check them out.

Also, check out the video!