A Cosmological Fantasia from BDH

Have you seen this un-freaking-believable bit of light and visual effects from The Wonders of the Universe series? Please, please take a few moments and watch some of this work!

A Cosmological Fantasia from BDH – Burrell Durrant Hifle on Vimeo.

The effects in the video are the artistic prowess of design house Burrell Durrant Hifle Design and Direction out of Bristol and London – two places I know well! Check out the project page for BDH’s Wonders of the Universe work – you will NOT be disappointed.

LDI – Aqua Visual FX

Aqua Visual FX had a great booth at LDI this year.  For those of you who don’t know about Aqua Visual FX’s products, it’s basically a water billboard, with the images and text you want displayed shot down in sheets from a top point.  All the water is in a relatiovely closed circuit system, with the water being recycled once it reaches the bottom.  You’d think that all of that water hitting the ground would make a lot of noise, but because of the baffle-like filter at the receiving end of the water, it is very quiet.  I’ve seen a few of these in use at trade shows, but LDI’s display was my favorite.

I put together a really shaky animated GIF of the pics I took of the Aqua Visual FX booth, and I’ve posted some pics below.  Check it out, and check them out.  The gif is a little large – it should load itself and stop being shaky in a few seconds…

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