Huggable Light

At the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, designer Diana Lin said the concept of d*light Huggable was to “provide companionship to those in need of comfort.”  Literally, a huggable light. Light to the rescue! This pillow is filled with warm white LEDs in bubbles of silicone, which create a diffuse, comforting light which connotes sunlight. The silicone absorbs body heat for extra huggability (that’s a technical term!).

The cushion stays lit for 4 hours off of rechargeable AA batteries before slowly dimming, or all night (or cloudy day–take that seasonal affective disorder) with 5v AC adaptor.

Sounds like a perfect thing to pair with a good book!  Now does anyone know a way light can hug me back?


Daylight Window

Daniel Rybakken’s idea for creating a window that produces “daylight” quality light was geared towards the Scandinavian population, where large parts of the year are subject to limited daylight.  As anyone who suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder will tell you, not having daylight makes a room smaller, makes you feel depressed, and generally takes the wind out of your sails, so to speak.

The window of daylight is interfaced with a computer, so the device could act as an alarm clock as well as giving an idea of some depth beyond the four walls of the room you’re in.

Do you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder?  Does daylight and light therapy help you?  I would like to know how it affects you – please post in the comments, and you’re more than welcome to post anonymously if you need.

Thanks, Yanko!