Artificial Moon in Xujiahui Park

“Artificial Moon” by Wang Yuyang uses various fluorescent light bulbs to create a400 cm (>13 feet) representation of our moon, complete with representations of craters, maria, and rims. Even stronger than the piece itself to me is the choice of location for this piece in 2008, Xujiahui’s park, one of the last remaining park areas in the city. Due to light pollution the moon can rarely be seen in the Shanghai skies, which makes this representation so much more powerful. It has since 2007 been displayed in other locations as well. Check it out!


Thanks, Art Hub Asia and Transmediale!

Mark Soppeland’s Sculptures of Light

Make Mag posted an article about Mark Soppeland – Mark’s a sculpting artist who works with a lot of found objects and illumination.  His works are beautiful, albeit very ecclectic.  I like ecclectic, how about you?

About Mark:

Mark Soppeland received his B. F. A. from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1974 and his M. F. A. from Ohio State University in 1976. A painter, sculptor and designer he has shown his work in over three hundred and fifty exhibitions on four continents. He has been awarded four Ohio Arts Council Individual Artists’ Fellowships. During the summer of 2002 he spent two months in Prague, Czech Republic on an OAC International Artist in Residence Fellowship. He has created over forty-five public art projects. Mark is finished his thirty-first year of teaching last spring at the Myers School of Art at the University of Akron where he was recently promoted to the rank of Distinguished Professor.

Check out Mark’s light sculpture work here.  There’s a lot of light sculpture and some public works.

Sound of Light Data Sculpture

Information Aesthetics blog posted an article about a custom laser cut diffuser-like sculpture for fluorescent lamps – the cutting is based on a recording and the associated graph of one second of the fluorescent “hum.” Check it out, it’s a beautiful cover for the fixture.