Break the Cyclops

I love the quote about how this lamp came to fruition:

This design was inspired by illogical placed and/or operating switches for lighting.

To switch the lamp off, you have to pull down on the “eye” in the middle, breaking the circuit in the center, or utilizing whatever disconnect mechanism breaks the circuit.  A unique design for sure – I wonder where the best application would lie for this fixture.  My initial inkling would be somewhere in a smaller room.

Form follows function in this fixture.

“Marie-Louise,” from Sander Mulder

Sander Mulder loves PMMA.  That is a fact.  Frankly, I love that he loves PMMA, because with fixtures like the Josephine and Therese in his rep, it shows some diverse knowledge of material and how it reacts and interacts with light.

Enter, the Marie-Louise. A table lamp with the same dimmable fluorescent source and color inserts that the Josephine and Therese lamps exhibit.  From Sander Mulder’s product page for Marie-Louise:

Made from 16 transparent contours illuminated by a fluorescent bulb, this table lamp provides a modern reincarnation of the traditional ambient lamp.

Through the use of special materials and accurate CNC milling techniques, not only the hood section, but the whole body of this fixture emits a magic light.

Together with floor lamp ‘Josephine’, and chandeliers ‘Therese’ and ‘Therese XL’ this sophisticated design is part of a series of unique lighting fixtures, which are guaranteed eye catchers in any interior.

I think that Sander Mulder might be my “Designer of the Month,” if I had such a category.  Hmm…

“Therese,” A Chandelier by Dave Keune and Sander Mulder

In the same vein as the Josephine PMMA lamp, Keune and Mulder have another beautiful piece in their respective repertories – the Therese chandelier.  Keune and Mulder do great things with PMMA – there’s another product being reviewed as well in a few days made of their PMMA-cut configuration – a table lamp, the Marie-Louise.  Both Dave Keune and Sander Mulder have this product on their sites.

What I understand about these PMMA fixtures is that there is also a color filter insert for the inner dimmable fluorescent source, which could be quite fun.  A suggestion I might make for them is to produce a set of color correcting filters for random occasions, or for people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder.  No matter the occasion, these are beautiful pieces.

“Josephine,” by Buro Vormkrijgers

Another Dave Keune and Sander Mulder collaboration before Buro Vormkrijgers went defunct, the Josephine lamp is another interesting and innovative product from these designers.  Sander Mulder has this on his personal post-Buro Vormkrijgers website, so I am making the assumption that it’s his brainchild.

Josephine is made from PMMA sheets, cut and mounted around a special dimmable fluorescent source.  I want to know where they stashed the ballast for this “special” dimmable fluorescent!  However, clear edge-lit forms are some of my favorite ways to light.

Thanks to Yanko Design for the images!

“Katana” by Sander Mulder

I wrote about Sander Mulder a few days ago, and promised to post more about his interesting and innovative designs.  A prototype lighting fixture still in development (and hopefully releasing soon!) is the Katana LED fixture.  Katana is an interactive fixture, utilizing high output LEDs and a touch-sensitive control mechanism.  From Sander Mulder’s Katana product page:

Katana combines old qualities with new technologies.

Katana is a nomadic lighting fixture containing the newest high intensity led’s.

Its intuitive user interface, allows instant use for anybody. There are no button’s to press; simply holding the device activates the light immediately. Holding one hand on the top of the fixture and one on the bottom simultaneously, turns on all lights in ambient mode.

I’ve embedded a video of the Katana in use – please check it out, it’s short.

The Eureka Light

It looks like Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee weren’t as innovative as I thought – at least first anyway.  Sander Mulder, one of the two designers collaborating on the now defunct Buro Vormkrijgers (the other being Dave Keune, who I will write about later in the week) designed a very similar device – the Eureka Lamp.

From Sander Mulder’s Eureka product page:

Made from a laser cut sheet of aluminum, in combination with a high power led, this clever designed lamp operates on 2 button cells.

This sophisticated promotional gift, introduces the public to the possibilities of the new generation of power led’s; they are small, power efficient and virtually indestructible.

As a design object in traditional postcard format, it can be shipped by regular mail to your family, friends and relations. Made from off-the-shelves parts, combined with a sheet of aluminum in a clever way, it transforms with one single twist into an ambient lighting fixture.

Camping, in a closet, behind Dimmer Beach, or anywhere else you can think to need extra illumination – a great idea by an interesting designer.  I’ll be chronicling more of Sander Mulder and Dave Keune’s design work in the up-and-comings.