Ten Songs about Light, or ДЕСЯТЬ ПЕСЕН О ФОНАРЯХ

I randomly came across this really great set of ten images of light in the winter – 35 Photo has a post up right now, in Russian (but that’s why Google Translate is amazing), which are totally worth your time to check out.  I’ve posted two of the images below, but you need to go check out the rest!

This next one is – oh, awesome:

The Andrew Lamp, by Dima Loginoff

Dima Loginoff, a Russian designer has come out with the “Andrew” lamp.  All black and white, the layering is amazing.  I’m not sure the reflectance of the material used in the ring sheets, but I can imagine this lamp must look beautiful.

Also, apparently Dima Loginoff also worked as a hair stylist.  Who knew?  Multitalented.

Thanks, DesignBoom!