Nokero’s Solar Light Bulb – Light Sources for 1.6 Billion People

A company called Nokero has developed a very interesting product – a solar powered light bulb that is low cost, lasts for two years, is rainproof, and is made for outdoor usage and impoverished areas.  Charging it in the sun gives you about 4 hours of light – the idea behind the N-100 solar lamp is to replace the toxic and expensive uses of kerosene lamps in poor areas.  This is a very useful little light bulb – imagine having these in places like Haiti or Indonesia after the tsunami.

Check out this video, some images of the lamp, and some data – I am excited to hear more from this company!

About the N100 bulb:

  • Diameter: 70mm (2.76 inches)
  • Height: 125mm (4.92 inches)
  • Bulb Type: LEDs (5 count)
  • Power Source: Solar Panels
  • Battery: Replaceable NiMH
  • Battery Capacity: B45mAh
  • Battery Voltage: 1.2
  • Battery Life: about 2 years
  • Weather Resistant: Rainproof
  • Fully-Charged usage: more than 4 hours
  • Usage per 1 charge: more than 2 hours
  • Attachment: Safety Clip