I’m Going to Sweden for a Year!

I got some of the greatest news this week.  Back in December of 2008 I applied to Sweden’s KTH School for their Master’s of Architectural Lighting Design degree – I want another Master’s in another Lighting field.  I just found out this week that I’ve been accepted, and starting in mid-August I will be writing while studying in Sweden for a year!  The design shows, trade shows in neighboring countries, and an international perspective on light.  Jim, in Sweden, studying and blogging about light.

I am excited, nervous, and I have the coolest wife ever.

If you have any knowledge of living or studying in Sweden and wouldn’t mind pointing me in the right direction, please contact me – I would love some pointers.  There is an overwhelming amount of info to digest – housing is apparently quite the journey.  I’d love to live close to campus, preferably in campus housing.  Anything I find, I’ll post about, as I want to document the process as a whole – this is an exciting new venture!  Please post in the comments or contact me – I would love your pointers about living and studying in Sweden!