I’m Going Home, Ten Years Later, WOODSTOCK


Are you familiar with the band Ten Years Later?  Funny enough, it’s been about eleventy years since Woodstock, and this English blues band is still kicking your ass.

Since I’m wide the fuck awake and waiting to try to get some sleep, here’s one of my favorite tunes, I’m Going Home, as they played it live at Woodstock.  Get ready to get your ass kicked!

Nikola Tesla: The Love Song!

Here’s a geek tune to put a little spark(le) in your eye. Ben Folds, Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, and Damien Kulash formed a band, 8 in 8. They decided to make eight songs in eight hours, and from the collective mad genius sprung “Nikola Tesla.”

Between this dream team and lyrics like, “Edison’s enemy,
Man who gave us AC,
He’ll always be to me
My little Serb
Voice on the radio
I’m looking high and low
Here in the afterglow
Send me a word…” what’s not to love? Give it a listen!

Thanks to THE Nikola Tesla site for the Time image!