UPDATE: San Antonio Rigger Falls 100 Feet to Death at AT&T Center


Update on the terrible accident at AT&T Center in San Antonio last night, Thursday, April 4, 2013 — the rigger’s name is confirmed as Dean Williams, 43, of Houston.  Dean leaves behind a wife and 3 month old baby girl named Lydia.

From KSAT 12 in San Antonio — allegedly, Dean unclipped to move around a beam and fell (bolding is mine):

Berry said the incident occurred just before 2 a.m. as crews were working on the stage after a concert.  The man was walking on the catwalk.  He had removed his safety harness to move around a beam when fell to his death.  The worker has been ID’ed as 44 year-old Dean Williams from Houston.

I’m so sorry to hear of this.  Please, for f*ck’s sake, be careful up there, everybody.