A Happy Holidays Bit of Hilarity on JimOnLight!

We’re trying to make the Holidays as completely ridiculous as possible this year, so please enjoy our new especial all-the-way-from-Las Vegas Holiday-on-Crack background and twinkle-light-tastic logo!  We at and Light Associated Media, LLC feel that the holidays should be as jam packed with as much ridiculous as humanly possible – and not that Black Friday ridiculous, I mean RIDICULOUS ridiculous.  Nobody’s gonna shoot you in the face with lachrymatory agents in here, is a no-OC-and-CS-zone!  Well, Lumiere often likes to strut around the office showing everyone her anus, but really, who doesn’t?

I’m trying to find some Christmas-scented deodorant to really bring the smell of the Holidays home to roost, but so far all I can find is Eggnog flavor (weird) and Old Drunk Aunt Suze flavor (bourbon and Vicodin).

Yeah.  YEAH!

Will It Blend? THAT is the Question!

I have something that I hope will start your Friday out on a high note.

If you’ve never heard of a Blendtec blender, it’s a possibility that you’ve not seen the Cadillac of blenders before.  You know your little Sunbeam blender or other midstream name brand blender?  Yeah, I don’t think it can take a handful of marbles and turn it into marble dust.  The Blendtec can.  Their blender is so BA that they made a website, Will It Blend, where they just grind stuff up in their blender.

Since it’s Friday morning and you’re probably not on your eleventeenth cup of coffee like me who got up at six for some reason, you might be asking yourself – “wait a minute, I know I didn’t type into my browser, what the EFF, Jim?”  Calm down – the reason that I am talking about blenders is that you’re about to see lighting related stuff get blended into a fine powder.  No kidding!

Okay – in order, glowsticks, then light bulbs, then laser pointers.  It is awesome!


Light bulbs:

Laser pointers:

Some non-lighting personal favorites are the iPhone 3G (yeah, they grind up a 3G), the grinding of a can of EZ-Cheese, and a whole bunch of neodymium magnets.  Holy crap.


Happy Halloween, everyone!

I hope that you have a fun night of tricking, treating, trick-or-treating, and overindulgence of sugar.  I’m going to a party dressed like a grease monkey, and my wife is going as me.  Oh, we’re a crazy pair.

Have fun!


What? Creativity with Everyday Objects

I kid, I kid – I was surfing today for crazy and out-of-the-ordinary stuff, and oh, I found some.  I found several.  People are generally creative, at least the smart ones, and make lighting fixtures out of some very simple stuff.  T products that are born from these ideas are nothing short of completely hilariously ridiculously different.  The theme with this bit of fixture craziness is cups and glasses – there’s gotta be a theme somewhere, right?  Creativity is awesome!

First up, the glass light bulb:


Yeah.  It’s a light bulb in the shape of a wine glass – in this case, it looks like a chianti glass.  Mellow, short, good enough to give you a decent whiff each time you turn it on.  Wait, that doesn’t make any sense – it’s a glassful of light.  Is this considered decorative?  It’s an interesting form – it looks like something I would expect to see in an airport bar somewhere.  The Glass Light Bulb runs about $120 a pop, FYI.

Next on the list, something representative of something else we all enjoy:


I think this is actually quite clever – upside down ice cream cones that transform a compact fluorescent into a big ol’ gob of frozen deliciousness.  I get a real kick out of the two on the right – it really gets a pretty serious giggle from my belly.  However, it’s also full of clever and win too – make sure to use CFLs or some other kind of energy efficient lamp with these, as you want to have light ice cream, right?  (Har, har)  The Whippy Light, as it’s called, runs about £40 pounds, or about $12,456.34 USD.  I think that’s an accurate conversion, isn’t it?

Teacups seem to be all the rave nowadays when it comes to making lights.  If you do a search for teacup light, you’ll come across about 1,840,000 search results for it – each with its own special flair.  37 pieces of flair, to be exact.

How’s this for flair?


Spot of Tea, Gov’na?  There isn’t a lot of explanation that needs to accompany this fixture – it’s a teacup, just like the ones you see at garage sales, that you screw a light bulb into so you can see.  The company that produces these (through Etsy) offers single teacup lights or clusters of teacup lights.  The fixtures will run you anywhere between $56 and $350.

Finally, but yet another teacup-and-saucer type fixture, even though it’s technically a coffee cup fixture, is the Coffee Light:


This isn’t at all Alice in Wonderland, is it?  It’s like a tripped out coffeeshop counter that got flipped over in hyperspace with orders still attached to it.  The coffee was apparently so good that it turned into light.  That’s some pretty strong java!  In the form of a cup of Starbucks’ coffee (you know, at five bucks a cup), this fixture runs about €156.00 Euro, which I think is about eleventy billion US dollars or so.

I think it’s time for a beer. Maybe I can turn the empty bottle(s) into a light.