VU1’s ESL Report #2

I’ve written a lot about VU1 Corp‘s Electron-Stimulated Luminescence (ESL) lamp over the last six months or so – it’s an interesting technology, and yesterday I mentioned their stock performance in the Stock Market – Lighting Edition post.  VU1 Corp’s stock is at $0.55 a share, and the tech is still in development.

VU1 used to be Telegen Corp, and is focused on the development of mercury-free replacement lamps.  They’ve produced another video update on the ESL technology – let’s hope that the product hits the US market soon (and that they send me one right after!) so we can review it here on

LEDTronics’ High Power PAR 20 Replacement Lamp


LEDTronics out of Torrence, California has released a new LED PAR 20 replacement lamp for incandescent and halogen lamps.  The new source puts out close to 200 lumens at a little more than 5 watts and a tenth of an amp.  The LEDTronics LED PAR 20 gets about 38 lumens per watt, and provides light at 3,000°K.

What do you think of these numbers?  The LEDTronics product page has IES files and full data.



Thanks, Flashlight News and LEDTronics!