Confusion Through Sand – An Experimental Video on Recycled Paper


Something that not many people know about me:  Until I was in my late teens, I considered joined the military, as was my initial plan in life.  I was going to join up, become an officer with combat experience, and then move on to join the FBI or CIA.

Since then, lots of things in my life gave a hand in turning towards art instead of war.  I am pretty glad for every moment of time I have not spent sweating somewhere under suppressing fire somewhere in a third world hellhole.  But in my travels and corporate event design and touring, I have met some great people who have and are in those places doing what they do for our freedom.

Sometimes it’s amazing to see art done by people who have seen that side of humanity.  Check this out — a video called Confusion Through Sand, done completely on recycled paper, and this is an amazing piece of work.  It is going to be heavily emotional for those of you out there who have had time being shot at in the deserts of the globe.  The audio is…  well, it is unreal.  Unreal.

Confusion Through Sand from ornana films on Vimeo.

I recommend watching this one too… the Making Of…

making Confusion Through Sand from ornana films on Vimeo.


HUGE thanks to Funker350 for posting the first round.  I highly recommend checking out Funker350.

A Mac Recycled Into A Luminaire – iLamp?

I saw the original article on Make Mag for this project, but there are few details on the actual workup of this project on the originating website.  HardMac Forums user linathael took an old iMac G4 (the “sunflower,” or “Luxo”) and with a bit of creativity, recycled it into a really fun Mac-branded luminaire!  Check out the original forum post here.


Thanks, Make!

Carolina Fontoura’s Recycled Chain Lamps

Such a simple concept, but a beautiful one:

chain lamp1

These lamps are a sampling of Carolina Fontoura’s latest works – Carolina is a graduate of Metro State in Denver, where my pal Jacob Welch teaches.  Carolina is a Mexican-Brazilian born artist who just opened her first solo gig, “Connect,” at Mexico’s Upper Playground gallery.

These lamps are all made from bicycle chain; Victorian-esque pieces of light brilliance.  Great work, Carolina!

chain lamp

chain lamp


connect carolina

Thanks, Wallbreakers!