A Few Pics from La Rondine

I wanted to post a few images taken of the La Rondine dress rehearsal in Oklahoma.  The show has some unbefreakinglievable student singers, I got CHILLS up and down my arms when Magda sang her arias in Act I – well, all of her arias were beautiful – the girl has soul!

Scenic Design by Jason Foreman
Lighting Design by Jim Hutchison (USA829)
Directed by David Herendeen

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La Rondine

La Rondine

I’m about to open a production of Puccini’s La Rondine as a guest artist for Oklahoma City University’s Department of Opera and Musical Theatre, directed by the fabulous David Herendeen.  After two weeks of cueing, rehearsals, and awesomeness, La Rondine is ready!

I’ll post some pictures as soon as the show “officially” opens.  It’s in a preview phase right now.  The official opening per the School of Music is November 14-16.

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