How About Some Random Video Eye Candy?

I needed some inspiration for a project.  The best thing about art and light is when you can share it with the world.
Take a bit and be inspired – here’s some visual snacks for you all:

Visual Music – The Art of Liquid Projection

A while ago I wrote an article about Peter Wynne-Willson and his psychedelic projections in the time of liquid projections and relatively low-tech (comparatively) lighting design for concert production.  I was searching for some liquid projection content for a project I’m doing, and I came across some really interesting stuff.  No matter what the genre of music, this stuff seems to fit!  Now this is of course my opinion only…

Check these out – two of thousands on YouTube:

Psychedelic Projections in the Era of Concert Lighting Discovery

I just read a fantastic article on Peter Wynne Willson and the era of psychedelic concert lighting.  I wish that I had written this article, but alas – however, I’m only going to say that you should read it.  It’s over at TPI Magazine, and the link is here.  What a good article.