The Bay Lights

Wow! The Bay Lights proposal is one of the coolest urban public lighting proposals I’ve seen in a while. The San Francisco Bay Bridge is a massive canvas, and an unparalleled location for a lighting playground. Numerous cities have treated their bridges with light, but for some reason, this particular proposal just glows:

The Bay Lights website is absolutely worth checking out. They are also looking for support, so if you are in a position to offer any, that information is also on their website, along with multiple renderings, videos of the bridge and project supporters, and more.

A Long-Exposure Proposal


@aronaltmark over on Twitter posted this really sweet video a week or so ago, and I just had to post it.

This guy Derick Childress proposed to his girlfriend Emily Kern in a very, very unique way – through a series of 10-second long exposure photographs put into video form.  The process is captured in the video below – I can only imagine how much planning went into mapping out the font characters on the ground from the window’s vantage point.

If you’re wondering, Emily said yes!  Congratulations, Derick!

Derick also has a page dedicated to this process and to the story.  It’s a neat, quick read!

The video: