A little programmer humor for this Friday afternoon…

Remember kids, never hit pig+release during a show, it releases all of your active playbacks.  No, this is not from my personal experience, but believe me, I have done lots of other stupid shit in my day.


Prism Power – the ROGUE RH1 Hybrid Product Video


I love programming these videos.  I get to work with a real video badass in this market, Todd Murray, who is just one talented mopho, and that is a fact.  Better yet, he’s not a douche about it.  What a surprise, a non-douche yet really talented artist!

Check out our latest, the product video for the ROGUE RH1 Hybrid from CHAUVET Professional.  Programming by me, videography by Todd Murray, Josh (Jaybles) Berlant, and Bryan Adams.  But not that Bryan, OUR Bryan.

MA Lighting’s USB onPC Command Wing for grandMA2

This was something that is just too perfectly timed not to catch my attention – I’m looking into using my wysiwyg Perform into a pre-visualization studio for myself (and perhaps others), and the two consoles I wanna run are the Road Hog Full Boar and the grandMA.

Translation from Jim to English:  the two consoles I wanna play with all day long on my own side projects and goofy 4am programming ruminations are the Road Hog and the grandMA.

The grand plan is to save up and get a USB programming and playback wing(s) for the Hog, and another console interface.  Not necessarily the grandMA2 stuff quite yet, I’m still a pretty basic grandMA programmer, and everything Jeff Waful (et al) has ever shown me on the grandMA that they use is just stellar.  I’ve been a Hog programmer since Kris Jones and Benny Kirkham showed me how to drive the Hog II back in 2002.  Marcus Wuebker was also pretty instrumental in turning me into a better Hog programmer, but I think pretty much anything those folks programs turns into a piece of art.

Then MA Lighting releases this – the onPC Command Wing for grandMA2:

So it’s a USB playback and programming surface for the grandMA2 software on the PC based lighting application grandMA2 onPC.  Specs from the brochure that got in my hands:

  • Perfect solution for flexible and mobile programming
  • Look and feel as known from grandMA2 consoles
  • 2,048 parameters on-board
  • Expendable by an MA 2Port Node onPC/onPC PRO
  • Light, handy & rock solid: extra small housing and just 6kg
  • Plug and play via USB: simply connect to your notebook
  • Fully integrated into the grandMA2 system

The brand new MA onPC command wing is the perfect solution
if you are working as a lighting professional all over the world, running a small club or theatre, want to join the huge grandMA2 family or simply look for a smart backup or preprogramming solution. 

Pretty cool.  I definitely wanna check this out.

New To Me Band: The Breakfast

I usually have my headphones taped to my face when I’m doing programming or drafting and design work in my office – I think I do this to give off the “leave me alone” signal, but it really helps me to concentrate.  I found a new band to jam on while I get into the artistic processes of this next show.  New to me, that is. has a ton of their stuff for free.  I’d classify it in the “Jam Band” category – it’s really tight and well-played.

Here’s the show I recommend if you’ve never heard them:

The Breakfast at the Higher Ground, Burlington, VT – 10-27-2007

Enttec’s Playback, Programming, and Shortcut Interfaces

I read about some of the PC lighting control company Enttec‘s wares tonight – considering I am saving up to buy the Hog 3 PC programming and playback interfaces for use with my WYSIWYG suite (I have a loooong way to go…), these units look pretty cool.  Provided, that is, they would work with the Hog 3 PC software, and connected to my WYSIWYG suite.  Enttec has a programming wing, a playback wing, and a shortcut wing that, hooked together, could make a pretty sweet interface.  Enttec’s software, LightFactory, is what the units are geared for – but they claim that the units work with any PC based lighting control software.  The units connect to the PC via ethernet.

Enttec, these things are great!  I want to know more!

The programming wing:

enttec programming wing

The playback wing:

enttec playback wing

The shortcut wing:

enttec shortcut wing

Console Cat’s “Two Hand Method”

Quite frankly, this is AWESOME!  To quote Cat, it’s “just like a Tune In Tokyo.”  Check it out!

Check out Console Trainer, too – Cat’s website.