The Earth and its Power Consumption

This is staggering, isn’t it?  The image below, if you click on it, gets much bigger.

earth power

Thanks to my friend Erich who runs Teqniqal Systems – a safety and engineering firm.

The Power Grid: 19th Century Design for the 21st Century

Sometimes as a writer you read something and say to yourself – “damn, self!  Why didn’t I write that?!”

I read two articles by a guy named Bill Chameides on the power grid, and why we need to fix it.  The articles were a two-part series with the first part being published on Popular Science’s site and the second on Bill Chameides’ site.

I *highly* suggest reading them.  The first is called Our Grid: Powering Our 21st Century Lives With a 19th Century Design and the second is called The New Smart Grid: 21st Century Tech for the 21st Century.

For intellect and education on electricity and our power grid’s sake, read these articles!

Our Power Grid’s Problems


I just read a great article at Popular Science’s blog – a guest post by Dr. Bill Chameides of Duke University.  The article addresses some basic information and history of our current power grid, which is apparently the largest single machine in the world.

It’s an interesting article, I highly recommend the read.