Energy Producing Roads?

I just read an article at Inhabitat about an Israeli firm that’s working on a road surface with embedded piezo crystals capable of generating electricity as cars pass over it.  From the article:

The energy-generating roadway works thanks to piezoelectric crystals embeded in the asphalt. As vehicles pass over them, the vibrations generate a small amount of electricity that travels to a larger transformer which then distributes the energy. The generators can be as thin as a few centimeters or can cover large expansive surfaces, and can be easily adapted for a variety of different transit systems including roadways, railways and even airplane runways.

Okay, that’s awesome.  Read more about it here.

Kinetic Dancefloor

Funny enough, after writing the post about Sustainable Dance Clubs, I found an article from Interactive Architecture about the kinetic dance floors used in places like Club Watt and the new place opening up in London (King’s Cross, actually).

The floors are equipped with a spring mount system that operate a piezoelectric block, sending the power to batteries used to power whatever it’s connected to, in this case, the LED dance floor.