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I have written a few articles about Pablo Pardo and his work over the course of the blog’s life thus far; one of the most awesome discoveries was a Pablo lamp – the Brazzo Lamp – in the hit show, Fringe.  I just read another article about a lamp designed for Pablo’s studio, and it’s another great LED piece.

Behold, the Link Lamp by Peter Stathis:


Peter has created a 360° swivel lamp with 15 LEDs covered by a diffuser film.  It’s a work of symmetry, from the lamp head to the body, and is solid.  The Link Lamp has a hi/low switch for illumination control, and is automatically tensioned.  Unica Home has these for $380 bucks.


Thanks, Design Blog!

Pablo Pardo’s Brazo LED Lamp

Remember in October when I posted about Pablo Pardo’s awesome LED lamp, and how I thought I saw it on an episode of The Fringe?

Of course you don’t remember.

I SAW PABLO’S LAMP on Agent Broyles’ desk!  I could be totally wrong, but is that NOT Pablo’s lamp?  See for yourself.

Pablo’s lamp:

Now, the set dressing in Agent Broyles’ office:

Now, is that NOT Pablo’s BRAZOS Lamp?  That is TOTALLY Pablo’s lamp!

I am officially a nerd.

Ventana by Pablo

It sounds so kitchy to talk about a designer by a single name – Pablo Pardo, for example, being called “Pablo,” as if he’s the lighting designer formerly known as his real name.  Regardless of his rockstar-designer status, his work is innovative, functional, and in great form.  Pablo is among a small list of designers I’ve started to chronicle on Jim On Light – to spread the beauty of the relationship of form and fuction, especially with something as essential as illumination.

Enough of the ruminations on art for form and function – let’s look at the Ventana, by Pablo.

Ventana is a drapery-esque lighting fixture that has the ability to be raised and lowered, and has the ability to lie flat against the wall, or to be maneuvred perpendicular with the wall to which it is attached.

Ventana comes in a mini format (a little less wide than the original Ventana) and in the original length and width.  Y Lighting has the Ventana lamp on “sale” for $560.00.  No, I don’t have an affiliate membership at Y Lighting – it’s just an awesome lamp.

Pablo, Inc

I wrote a post about the Brazo lamp last week by Pablo Pardo, the founder of Pablo, Inc.  Pablo Pardo is a Venezuelan-born designer who founded Pablo, Inc back in 1993.  Some background from the Pablo, Inc site:

Pablo was formed in 1993 by Venezuelan born industrial designer Pablo Pardo and has established its studio in San Francisco. A 1986 graduate from the University of Cincinnati’s renowned industrial design program, his diverse career includes designing children’s roller skates for Fisher Price to creating automobile concepts for Daimler Chrysler.

The studio has gained international recognition for its innovative lighting and home furnishings designs which are characterized by their unique sense of style and simplicity.

Pablo’s work is top quality.  Top quality materials, processes, and designs.  However, if you’re looking for a Wal-Mart quality desk lamnp, go to Wal-Mart.  Pablo’s work is nowhere near cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for – craftsmanship, knowledgeable design, and attention to detail.

Check out some of Pablo, Inc’s offerings at Y Lighting, Room and Board (which has some questions with Pablo as well), and Apartment Therapy.

The Brazo Lamp, by Pablo Pardo

I guess more appropriately named Pablo, Pablo Designs has a lamp- the Brazo lamp – that is chock full of LEDs.  FULL.  18 high-output LEDs fill the business end of the Brazo lamp, formerly known as the Kaleidoscope lamp.

Funny enough, and I could be wrong about this, I am almost certain that there is a Brazo lamp sitting on Agent Broyles’ desk in the new hit show, The Fringe.  Please prove me wrong if I am in fact wrong, but I feel like I am certain that it’s a Brazo lamp.

From the Y Lighting product page for Brazo:

Brazo’s (formerly known as Kaleidoscope) precision machined aluminum construction allows for optimal task lighting control with 360° adjustability. Brazo features a luminous and energy efficient LED light source which can be dialed in to any desired beam spread and brightness depending on the task.

It’s an interesting lamp, that’s for sure.  Color temp is 3800°K, 25,000 hour LEDs at 450 lumens – it’s pretty bright.  It’s also on sale right now for $400 bucks, with a retail of $600.  It might be a bit out of my price range, but if I had all kinds of money lying around, I’d probably buy one.