Jon Stewart is Leaving The Daily Show

Jon Stewart

Oh no.  Oh.  No.

Ah, crap.

You know what, everyone needs a rest.  If anyone, maybe you Jon, you have earned it, my man.  I would love to buy you a Coke sometime.

I look forward to whatever it is you’re gonna do next, and that’s a fact.  Thanks for making me laugh so hard once I pissed myself.  Also a fact.  ask Greg Owen, I was at his house.

Some funny shit, from the article at the NYT:

Speaking of Mr. Williams, a frequent “Daily Show” guest, Mr. Stewart said, “See, I see the problem. We got us a case here of infotainment confusion syndrome. It occurs when the celebrity cortex gets its wires crossed with the medulla anchor-dala.”

Noting the widespread media coverage of Mr. Williams’s woes, Mr. Stewart wryly added, “Finally someone is being held to account for misleading America about the Iraq War.”

Gifts? For a Lighting Professional?! Oh my.

Yeah, oh my indeed.  I think one of the hardest things to do is to buy gifts for people working in the lighting industry.  I mean, it’s like anything technical, really – if it isn’t related to gaming, clothing, or nerdiness, then it’s something like a $16,000 spectroscope or a $3,000 dollar oscilloscope.

What?  Who asks for that for christmas?  Can Santa’s elves make that?  Do they just contract that out or something?

The other hardest thing about buying presents for a lighting professional is when you forget to get them until the Monday before Christmas!! I went through Amazon this morning and grabbed some stuff that I think lighting people would like, and I listed some of it below.  I picked stuff that I thought I would like to either give or receive – so good luck, and hurry up!  Christmas is on Friday! AAAA!  Two day shipping!
Gift ideas for lighting professionals

Did you pick something out?  Time’s a wasting!

  1. 10-LED USB light bar
  2. Kensington “Flylight” USB light
  3. Black and Decker “Ready Wrench”
  4. Crescent brand adjustable spanner with thumb slide (I have 2 of these!)
  5. 8″ Stanley brand “crescent” wrench (adjustable spanner)
  6. Cooper Lighting 80-LED rechargeable folding worklight
  7. Amprobe LM631A digital light meter
  8. Gerber Pro Scout needle-nose multitool
  9. christmas ornament earrings!
  10. christmas light earrings!
  11. Gerber’s Legen multitool
  12. Victorian-era Edison replica lamp, 25W
  13. 1890 Edison lamp replica, 40W
  14. 1910 squirrelcage filament replica lamp, 40W
  15. 1920 double-looped filament replica lamp, 30W
  16. 28-piece Klein tools Electrician set
  17. Leatherman New Wave multitool with leather sheath
  18. Lava Lamps!
  19. USB charm light
  20. christmas lights necklace
  21. Mastech 20-200,000 lux meter
  22. Sekonic L-358 Flash Master
  23. Sekonic L-398 light meter