Fire-Tempered Lexan Light Art

I was so excited to get a link today from my pal and Master Crafter Connie, the maker of the Puppet!  Remember that little guy?!

Totally not what this post is about, but CONNIE ROCKS!

Check out the link that Connie sent – Lexan light art in the form of light sources shining though a fire-tempered Lexan diffuser thingus.  Yes, thingus, it’s a proficient technical term.  Of COURSE though, after seeing these shots, I went and looked up the refractive indices for Lexan, of course I did.  It’s somewhere between 1.4 and 1.56.


If you decide to recreate something like this for your own personal enjoyment, make sure that YOU DO NOT BREATHE BURNING LEXAN.  Its smoke is highly, highly toxic.

Thanks, Recyclart!  What a cool website you have!

POLL: How Do Readers Feel About Healthcare Reform?


I’ve been following healthcare reform in the United States for the last few months, and no matter what happens, it affects those of us in the lighting industry just like everyone else.  There are pros and cons both ways – many of my friends and colleagues in the industries that work freelance have self-insurance, which stands to take a hit also either way.

I am conducting a plain ol’ poll to find out how people feel about health care in the United States.  Do you think we need to reform the process, or should we leave it alone?  Please vote, no matter where you are!

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment. Readers, Get Ready: 9/1/2009


Stay tuned, there’s lots of stuff coming on September 1, 2009.  It’s a big day full of big stuff for us!  It’s in about a week!
That is all I have to say about that for today.