Light Associated Media and Are Here to Stay

Ladies and Gentlemen – I would like to announce to the world that Light Associated Media, LLC,, and are here to stay.  Everything is going to be fine – and furthermore, you’ll notice that I took down the post I wrote last week about the future of the family.  It was wrong of me to post that crap online and drag feelings into it, and I apologize to Leia for it.  Divorce is a hard thing, and there was a large miscommunication about what was going to happen with the business.

I am taking over as CEO, and Leia is going to still help on the backend from time to time as a consultant.  The woman is ridiculously talented at information architecture and CSS (I mean, she IS a code ninja), and I think we are lucky to have her code in the first place.  She is unbelievably awesome, she is ridiculously skilled, and I have to say again – if you need the best in web design, coding, back end, WordPress mastery, or anything that people are going to load in a browser ever, get Leia.

Let the love of light resume, peeps.

bulbr, Meet the World!

So, I have a surprise for you, everybody.  Meet the new spot for people that love light to blog, network, and interact:  it’s bulbr!

bulbr is now a public beta, and registration is open to everyone.  Just keep in mind that we’re still in beta, and always trying to make it better!  Go sign up, talk with a lot of the people you know from Twitter, and get involved!  I’m Jim on bulbr (real creative, I know), so go be my friend, wouldja?

Follow this link to register yourself for bulbr!