LED Throwies – Live Art from Graffiti Research Labs

LED throwie – it sounds like a children’s cartoon, doesn’t it?

Okay, maybe not, but they’re fun to make.  You tape an LED to a battery, maybe add some magnets to the battery so that it sticks to something metal.  Done.  Like these:

LED throwies

Besides them costing about a buck a pop to make, this is a very guerilla way to graffiti something made of metal.  Now hopefully you’d clean them up when they were dead, but I’m an optimist.  What’s most excellent is when a bunch of people come together for the specific purpose of making some light art with these throwies – check out this video:

The Graffiti Research Lab, which does a bit of light art and lighting-related graffiti, made these LED throwies popular.  Check out their website, and check out Eyebeam Openlab, the folks who organized the event in the video.