LDI 2009 is Over, and I Had A Blast!


I’m home from LDI 2009 in Orlando, Florida – my lovely wife Leia and my sister-in-law were with me on Saturday afternoon on the conference floor and at the LDI 2009 Tweet-Up that night.  Friday and Saturday I walked around mostly with Justin of and generally had a blast.

This was the year that I met more people in the span of two days than ever before in my life!  All of you wonderful people that I finally got to meet at LDI this year – you’re all awesome!

I have some excellent information from the conference that I’ll be sharing across the next several days.  Lots of stuff debuted at this year’s LDI conference, and lots of images were captured by my camera!  I think I took over a thousand pictures and video clips, so get ready to learn what went up and down at the show!

I have so many things to show you all…  now that you’re all hopefully back from Orlando and rocking the office again, right?  There were so many things that were awesome about the show this year – two of which are on this page.  One is my wife getting to walk the show floor and see what it’s all about, and another is our beloved @lekogirl’s awesome color filter swatch dress at the and LDI 2009 Tweet-Up on Saturday night!  Daphne, you are awesome!

Stay tuned!


July’s Top Posts (So Far)

I always find it interesting to see what JimOnLight readers like, and what are the most visited pages.  This month is no different, very interesting!

1.  Pussycat Dolls – Video by Naked

2.  the second page of the website!

3.  posts tagged with “resources

4.  PRG’s Bad Boy

5.  I’m Sorry to Hear about Michael Jackson, Patrick Woodroffe and Crew

The Sunday Flickr Pool Post

A little late today – I’m lighting “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” this week, and I spent all day at the theatre.

The Flickr Pool is up to 50 members! Enjoy!


Sphere, by EricaLucci


purplepurplepurple, by sea legs snapshots


Leuven @ Night – Image 25 by bazpics


Phish – Black, White, and Color Swap by Jim of JimOnLight


clouds and hills at sunrise by Ilikethenight

Last Week’s Top 5 Posts

Last week, these were the most popular stories on – I love researching for these posts!

1.     ETC Enters the Market with the Selador Line

2.     R23 is Here!

3.     The Stimulus Package:  How’s It Affecting Lighting?

4.     NYC’s Empire State Building Lit for Elections

5.     Posts tagged with “high end

I look forward to see what next week’s favorites are!

The Sunday Flickr Pool

Another Sunday, and I woke up breathing – it’s a great day!

Check out these images from the JimOnLight Flickr Pool:


“IMG_4344” by flickr_Sam7


“John’s LED spinny thing” by JimOnLight (come on, it was a cool picture!)


“Watch out, train coming” by Erin_fflur


“IMG_7154” by janpolacek


“Torodelia|192” by holodelic

Eight Days Until Ignite Denver!

Ignite Denver is happening on September 10 at Fado Irish Pub in Denver.  If you’re not in the know about Ignite Denver, check out the official site, and then check out what I’m doing at Ignite Denver.

Geeks Who Drink trivia is happening before hand, and that will prove to be a lot of fun, I’m sure!