Light Tree: Plug-In Lightlight just posted an article about a little nightlight-esque light tree thing – It’s an interesting little lamp of sorts that plugs into both 110V and 220V systems.  Funny enough, the little pot accessory that the Light Tree comes with looks like it adapts it down to 110.  Interesting.  I could see one of these sitting on my desk, but I never seem to have any empty slots on my power strips.

light tree

light tree

light tree

The Medulla Lamp – Bendy, Fluidy Goodness

The Medulla Lamp is an interesting design – a ring of LEDs in the middle of a fluid filled, flexible form.  Th three legs act like a tripod, but the Medulla Lamp can lie flat on a table, can be flexed into whatever shape you want, or can be hung on the wall.  Unusual, but one of those pieces that I’m always glad is unique.  The Medulla Lamp’s designers were Matteo Barbaresi, Giovanna Zega, Silvia Fasoli, and Marco Bortolozzo.





Thanks, Ixiqi!