Switch Lighting’s New Liquid-Cooled LED A-Lamps?

Now, I know what you’re thinking – well, unless it’s hey, I wonder where I put the remote

Switch Lighting has come out with an absolutely beautiful series of lamps that are being tested right now in “several distinct hospitality properties.”  This thing is absolutely beautiful, as are Switch Lighting’s other LED A-lamp designs, holy crap – it’s got panache, it’s got beautiful design, and this cooling liquid inside the dome with the LEDs.  Oh, just check it out – this particular flavor of Switch lamp is the Switch75 (which is a 75W LED lamp, of course, and you can tell from its blue collar!)

Ok, this thing is pretty beautiful, to be sure!  I love the design; just alone, the design is fairly similar to most of the LED A-lamp replacements out there with regards to form.  Heat sink on the bottom, LED dome and some kind of diffuser or magnifier on top, but this one just looks different.  I love how the heat sink continues up into the LED dome, which is filled with a liquid of some sort – I am guessing a mineral oil or some kind of paraffin oil, possibly?  We’ll find out when Switch makes that public!  Something to note is how the LED structure wraps around and attaches to the heat sink – it’s almost as if they used such little material to get the most efficient heat dissipation possible.  If you work with LEDs, you know that heat that they generate is an enemy of their output and life.

More beautiful photos:

Here’s the Switch60 – you can tell it’s 60W because it’s got a red collar:

That thing is just sexy, there are no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.  I originally saw this post at a great blog called Jetson Green – and I remembered that, wait a minute, somebody tried this before, I wrote about it!  Now, all things aside, the Switch Lighting lamps and the one I wrote about in 2009 are completely different lamps in every regard.  Check it out – this is the EternaLEDs Hydralux-4 liquid-cooled LED lamp.  It’s only 25W, it’s MUCH different than the Switch lamps, and it’s sitting now in my big box o’ lamps:

It’s just a different lamp, completely – fully glass, the liquid is similar to paraffin oil, and there is no heat sink.  It has a frosted top diffuser either formed or blasted into the envelope of the lamp around the LED element.  The only differences are the liquid and the LED parts, really, but I think it is important to see an early version of the liquid-cooled LED technology.  These lamps are no longer offered at EternaLEDs; I did find an old blog post of theirs though that talks a bit about the old Hydralux-4.  It was also featured in a 2009 issue of Popular Mechanics as one of the Top 12 Must-Have Products.  Crazy, huh?

I for one am pretty excited to see how Switch does liquid-cooled LED lamps.  The nerd in me wants to know info on output and efficacy!  Here’s where I kick and scream and beat my fists until no one gives me the info I need.

The Switch LED A-Lamp – Definitely the Most Unique LED A-Lamp I’ve Seen!

You know, for the most part, I’ve been pretty unimpressed with the designs of the A-lamp “replacement” LED lamps.  I’m not shooting my mouth off saying I have a much better design, but there is something about that diffused white globe atop the heat sink, which looks like a handful of fins.  I actually kinda like the heat sink design, the fins are neat.  If you’ve held one of those suckers when it’s been on for a while, that heat sink is HOT!  Not Jennifer Lopez hot, we’re talking George Bush’s ears while telling the nation that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction hot.  That is HOT!

I just turned onto a new design for the LED A-lamp from a company called the Switch Bulb Company – they are promoting an LED replacement A-lamp with a high CRI, a warm feel, and a pretty decent output.  The difference?  A lens-type “ball” atop the heat sink that shows each element and the heat dissipation gear inside.  It’s actually quite a beautiful design!  Check it out:

Pretty interesting design, huh!  Switch is offering three models right now – the Switch40, Switch60 (PDF spec link), and Switch75 (PDF spec link).  As you can probably guess, these 40, 60, 75 ratings are the replacement quantity of light per power consumption hint-hint to sell the “incandescent replacement” idea.  The Switch40 doesn’t have specifications online yet, but the Switch60 claims 830 lumens at 13 watts, and the Switch75 claims 1150 lumens at 16 watts.  Pretty decent!  That 830 lumens figure is pretty close to an 850 lumen incandescent at 60 watts in terms of efficacy – if you look at an 850 lumen 60W incandescent, the efficacy is about 14.2 lm/W, but the Switch lamp is putting out nearly the same output at 13W, giving a near 64% efficacy!

Switch is showing two general colors – a “warm” at around 2750 Kelvin, and a “Neutral” colored lamp, more than likely a bit higher in color temperature. I’ve requested to get my hands on one of these, let’s see if that happens or not!  I would love to see one up close!

Check out this quick little video:

EarthLED’s ZetaLux 7W Incandescent Replacement Lamp


EarthLED has produced the ZetaLux LED lamp – a 7W A-Type lamp that apparently only costs two bucks a year to operate for 8 hours a day.  It’s FCC approved and UL listed, and EarthLED claims 95% efficiency with the ZetaLux.

Some specs:

  • Light Engine: CREE® LED Light engine
  • Power Consumption: 7 Watts Max (6 Watts Typical)
  • Input Voltage: 90-277V AC (Worldwide Capable) / 40-400V DC (“Off Grid” Capable)
  • Luminous Flux: 450 (Cool White), 350 (Warm White)
  • Color Temperature: 3000 K (Warm), 6000 K (Cool)
  • CRI: 75 — Cool , 80 — Warm
  • Beam Angle — 180 degrees overall
  • Operating Temperature Range:
    -22°/ 176° F (-30°/ 80° C)
  • Operating Humidity Range: 10%/95%
  • Lifespan: > 50,000 Hours (MTBF)
  • Construction: Flame Retardant Plastic Aluminum Heatsink, Shatterproof Lens
  • Base Types Available: E26/27/BC22 (Bayonet Cap)

It’s down to $40 from $50 ($39.99 from $49.99), and it’s convection cooled.  Check out a video from EcoGeek:


Holy Crap, The GeoBulb is Here, and It’s Only $120


Only $120.  Oh, recession humor!

Welcome the GeoBulb, an LED incandescent replacement fixture from C. Crane, a California LED producer.  Here’s the scoop – GeoBulb is about $120, has a 30,000 hour lifespan (which is nearly 10 years), uses 8w, and is supposed to replace a 60w incandescent. It’s got 40% less heat than a CFL and 89% less heat than an incandescent – with no Mercury and instant illumination when you turtn it on.  Sounds pretty damned good! GeoBulb comes in soft, cool, and warm.

Rumor has it that the GeoBulb is unavailable until the top of July 2009.  Let’s see what happens in July.

The actual price is $199.95 for one, but $113.95 for six or more.  Go see C. Crane’s page on the GeoBulb.