A Sunshine Pill?

This is too cool not to be clever.  I saw this on Apartment Therapy yesterday – a miniature LED light that takes awesome liberties with the idea of sunshine and pills, and all with different locations and color temperatures!  I want a Bora Bora, please!

This little exhibit was done by Vaulot & Dyèvre for the MINIFLUX festival that took place over the week of December 8, 2011.  Pretty cool, check it out!

I wonder if these are “burp free” sunshine pills…

Wackity schmackity doo.

What If Roadies Ran The World?

A post on The Light Network tuned me into this Sprint/Nextel commercial.
“What If Roadies Ran The World?”

If you’re a roadie, if you’ve ever been a roadie, if you’ve ever toured…  hopefully you’ll laugh.  I did!