My CHAUVET DJ Colleagues Made an AWESOME Halloween Video!

This is too cool not to share.  My colleagues working for the Chauvet DJ brand have created an awe-some-sauce video for Halloween, and for all of your scarytime enjoyment.  Check this stuff out, it’s pretty awesome!!

Geoff Short, the star of Thursday Vids and the Gig Lab series, directed the piece, and also created a Gig Lab to go along with the video for those of you interested in how they made the whole thing work!

Good work, guys!!!  Congrats to Geoff, Todd Murray, and Carlos Cardenas, three extremely creative mophos.

Halloween? When Did THAT Happen?!


Halloween was this weekend.  I have been so engrossed with work and research that I completely missed Halloween.  I didn’t get to dress up like a beam of light like I wanted!  Unfortunately, I don’t think that people give candy to 32 year old bald guys anymore.

My buddy Larry Huffman sent this video to me though, and I want to share with you!

I wonder how many programming hours went into that?

Also, let us not forget this crazy pumpkin LED madness:

A Larson Scanner Project – I Almost Forgot Halloween Was Here!

Would you believe I got to sleep in today?  Also, WHY was I not told that HALLOWEEN is already here?!  I have to come up with yet another tasteless costume commentary on life, news, and celebrity deaths!

Oh, the tasteless fun…


But nonetheless JUST as exciting, HALLOWEEN LIGHTING PROJECT TIME!  How many times of year do geeks and nerds like us get to add the element of light to the inside of a pumpkin?  Not enough, says this observer.  I got news of a cool post at one of my favorite DIY blogs, Evil Mad Scientist Labs, who has created the Larson Scanner Kit for your pumpkins and everything else you need a series of scanning red LEDs to make better.  Glen A. Larson was the guy who invented the red scanning LED idea for the Knight Rider and Battlestar Galactica series – properties master indeed!

Evil Mad Scientist Labs makes use of the ATtiny2313 microcontroller chip for power efficiency, and has improved upon their original design for a Larson Scanner kit.  Nice work, fellas!


All photos from oskay’s photostream on Flickr.

Halloween CFLs!


When I was trying to find some funny image to post for this goulish day, I discovered something eerily related to light, and what a perfect venue in which to post it!  Sorry, I wish that I had discovered these sooner!!!

Halloween Compact Fluorescent Lamps!