LED Freerunning: Light Emitting Dudes

Meet the Light Emitting Dudes! Three freerunners from Bangkok, Sydney, and Frankfurt take on the streets of Bangkok in RGB suits and it is just awesome to behold. Despite the effortless grace of their movements, and the beautiful surreal images exposures of their suits moving through spacetime create, it is no easy feat. The international team shot for two weeks while constantly maintaining these first-gen LED freerunning acrobatic suits, and trying to avoid attention in guerrilla filming situations (apparently the suits attracted a lot of attention, who would have thought?).

But despite all of the challenges, Director Frank Sauer says,

The cool factor of looking like a general bad ass never wore off. I think a lot big kids dream of dressing up like superheroes and leaping around the city. That’s something I can cross off my bucket list, now. We had a great time together. In the end, it’s definitely worth it to create something new and unique in a way only you can.

Check out the fantastic video:

Light Emitting Dudes – LED Freerunning from Frank Sauer on Vimeo.

Let’s Play CHECK IN with in Canada!

I’m in Toronto right now.  Next week I’ll be in Phoenix for a week long show run.  The week after that?  I have no idea.  Let me check my calendar.

So, for those of you who were at the Broadway Lighting Master Classes this year, sorry I missed you!  I wasn’t able to attend this year because of a gig I have in Toronto right now, but I hear I missed some fun partying in the Big Apple!

Let’s see:

I’m lighting up the inside of an excellent space in downtown Toronto this week for the Centre for Social Innovation, who just bought a building!  I’m partnered in a company with everybody’s favorite lumen hunter, Amanda Lynne Ballard, called LX Injected – we’ve started up this venture to bring light art on a large scale to the world.  One of our upcoming projects is the Centre’s new building – LX Injected is lighting up the inside of one of the floors for a gathering this evening, and we’re happy with the product we made last night!  I’ll post lots of pictures after the event is over this weekend.  We’re extremely excited to help out the Centre for Social Innovation and bring some lovely lux to their new digs!

Most of all, I just wanted to check in with the world.  I hope everyone is having an excellent week, a wonderful summer and end to the school year, and enjoyable production and design experiences!  Get out there and light up the darkness!

Public Toilets – A Light Installation by Luz Interruptus

What do you get when you mix male urine containers, a light source in each one, some yellow water, and the urine-smelling street spots in Madrid?

You get Luz Interruptus’ public art installation Public Toilets. It was more of an intervention of sorts – Luz wanted to call some attention to the lack of respect that some people have for public places.  Apparently public urination in Madrid (as in many cities all over the world, actually) is quite an issue, and there are many pee-smelling places across the city.  My dad always told a story that had something to do with pee and the statue of Christopher Columbus (Plaza de Colón) when he was in the Navy, so this has been going on for quite some time.

Luz Interruptus took male urine collectors and a light source – I assume an LED – and filled the container with yellow liquid, placing them all over Madrid where the “scent” was located.  Gross.  Nice commentary, though.  From the Luz Interruptus site:

We like to use the streets and enjoy having fun out there. Of course, we are glad to see in summer people walking, speaking and having a drink or a snack without paying the expensive prices of an outdoor bar, just so that we can sit at a public place, which we understand is intended for everybody, but some people use for private purposes.

What also annoys us is seeing how during the day and at nightime people urinate anywhere in the streets without any embarassement. They just walk along, turn round, zip down and, even in crowded places, seen by passers-by, let go.

This is what makes the centre of Madrid look so rundown and dirty, with bad smells everywhere. It is also uncomfortable to have to walk carefully in order not to touch anything that will impregnate your shoes or clothes.

Through our installation, public toilets, we have tried to attract attention -in a comical manner- about the problem we encounter when walking in centric streets and squares. Its purpose is to remind people who have this custom and also institutions so that a solution is found —perhaps by using urban furniture where people can urinate without bothering others, in case of extreme urgency…

For this reason, on the early morning 28th July we wandered along San Ildefonso Square and side streets: a very crowded area at night time when the atmosphere is great. We carried 80 male urine containers, the ones used in hospitals. Inside we poured yellow water and, what else but our lights.

Once we had located the ‘wet’ spots- following the smell trail will do- and we set up our emergency urine containers for anybody in need to use. We are aware of some of them being used…others…will be taken home…who knows for which purpose.

The feature photos, obviously, are Gustavo Sanabria’s, who this time around had to place his camera in the most smelly of places.

Check out Gustavo’s images:







No Frosted Lamps in the EU Soon? Meet the Euro Condom!

In September the European Union will be implementing a ban on frosted incandescent lamps.  A ban – on frosted lamps.  I don’t really get this, do you?  The argument (well, not really an argument, it’s passed) is that clear lamps give off more lumens than frosted lamps.

Hold on, what? I’ll write a bit more about that soon, but in protest to this interesting ridiculous ban, artists are designing new and interesting ways to say go fornicate with yourself to the silly rule.  One of those ways is from Ingo Maurer, who has given the world the Euro Condom – a high temperature latex cover for clear incandescent lamps, which are going to still be legal:


Yeah, it’s a rubber for clear incandescent lamps.  An interesting commentary, yes?  I enjoy the statement, although I’d just rather have the frosted lamps back in service.  I mean, aren’t frosted lamps like one of the most purchased lamp types ever?




Thanks, DeZeen and Debate Europe!

Hey Detroit – You Should Listen When Broken City Lab Talks to You

In September to November 2009, people in Detroit, MI and Winsor, Ontario will be seeing messages like this projected in the night sky:


Broken City Lab – a “creative research group” – will be shining these kinds of messages on the CIBC building for all of Detroit to see.  Broken City Lab is from Windosr, a city that is also bearing the brunt of the really excellent business dealings of the “big three” auto giants.  BCL uses art as a means to “tactically disrupt and engage the city, its communities, and its infrastructures to reimagine the potential for action in the collapsing post-industrial city.”

Broken City Lab calls this project “Cross Border Communication:”

Cross-Border Communication an interventionist performance series based on the desperate need to communicate with Detroit, Michigan from Windsor, Ontario.

Using a 6000 lumens projector, Broken City Lab will transmit a message to Detroit once a week for 45 minutes from September to November 2009. Each week will feature a different message that we write and project onto the CIBC building, located at Ouellette Avenue & Riverside Drive in Windsor and clearly visible from downtown Detroit.

I think this is a pretty great idea beyond its artistic implications. Isn’t it a shame though that people have to communicate with the “forces that be” in this way?

Thanks, PSFK!

Tel Aviv Tunnels, Meet Bar & Shay

Israel’s second largest city Tel Aviv has a series of underground walking tunnels that were a great place for artists Bar & Shay to unleash their latest work.  The artists altered the public lighting  in the tunnels to something a little more colorful.  From Wooster Collective, the tunnels with their normal lighting:

tel aviv tunnel

Now, the Bar & Shay alterations, which they stated were inspired by Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz:

bar and shay tel aviv

tel aviv bar and shay

Not a lot of info is available about this installation (yet), but the images are stunning!  This makes me want to start altering stuff around here!

LED Throwies – Live Art from Graffiti Research Labs

LED throwie – it sounds like a children’s cartoon, doesn’t it?

Okay, maybe not, but they’re fun to make.  You tape an LED to a battery, maybe add some magnets to the battery so that it sticks to something metal.  Done.  Like these:

LED throwies

Besides them costing about a buck a pop to make, this is a very guerilla way to graffiti something made of metal.  Now hopefully you’d clean them up when they were dead, but I’m an optimist.  What’s most excellent is when a bunch of people come together for the specific purpose of making some light art with these throwies – check out this video:

The Graffiti Research Lab, which does a bit of light art and lighting-related graffiti, made these LED throwies popular.  Check out their website, and check out Eyebeam Openlab, the folks who organized the event in the video.