I know that a lot of young (and not young) lighting professionals are leaving the University environment to join the ranks of the lighting industries across the world.  Whether you’re getting a Bachelors, Master’s, or a Doctorate degree in a lighting field, we here at want to welcome you to real life with open arms!

There’s a really cool old Maori proverb about looking forward that I want to share with you:

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.

So, while you embark on summer adventures, as you leave old friends behind and make new friends across the planet as you move forward, just remember to do your best, be true to yourself, and find a smile every day.

Congratulations, graduates!

Sunday Morning and Graduation Thoughts

I’m in Columbus, OH doing a show for a month – even though it’s not quite time for The Ohio State University isn’t having graduation ceremonies this weekend, they’re not too far away.  The buzz of people graduating and leaving the University for bigger and better endeavours, or embarking on a new degree journey is thick in the air.  It’s a possibility that it is also just the Midwestern humidity that I have forgotten about despising a lot, having lived in it my whole life.

No, definitely the buzz of graduating, definitely.

No matter what level of education you’re completing this school year – if you’re graduating soon, I would like to wish you my best of luck and success in your endeavours.  This is a very exciting time we’re having right now, go at it full bore.  Try not to let our crappy economy right now drag your self-esteem down, just fight hard for what you want to accomplish.

I am sure that I can come up with two million pieces of advice to share, but I’ll share two.  If any readers would like to leave a piece of advice for graduating people in the comments, I (and they, I am sure) would be thrilled!


  1. Until you get the hang of it, always double-check your photometrics math.
  2. Never decide to learn what the Hog’s “pig” key and the release key do when pressed simultaneously during a show, ever.

Please leave your advice in the comments!  Congratulations, graduates!