LDI 2010: InLight Gobos iPod Giveaway, and $2500 for Breast Survival

More LDI 2010 shots – Adriana and Rick Hutton from InLight Gobos’ booth in the TMB Village this year.  InLight Gobos gave away a 32GB iPod Touch to the lucky miss Megan from Hoghes Theatrical.  I drew the name and InLight Gobos rocked the prize!

ALSO, in a glorious moment of success for breasts worldwide, InLight Gobos had a great thing running for Breast Cancer Awareness Month – they offered a $5 donation for every gobo purchased, and matched each donation.  InLight Gobos just donated $2500 to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure!  You go, guys!  I personally thank you for your donation for my friend Kory Jackson, who passed away a few years ago from breast cancer – she would have been thrilled for your support!

Pictures from the weekend:

Awesome!  Thanks to all who participated! Scholarship Contest Entries – WATCH and VOTE NOW!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fall Scholarship Contest entry period has ended, and we have had excellent entries.  Excellent!  So much, in fact, that I have decided to post all of them for your voting and enjoyment!

These people have taken it upon themselves to tell you, the world, about what they love about light.  I am honored, excited, and overjoyed for you to see these entries.

First up:  Johanna-Mai Vihalem’s love of light.  Go, Johanna!

Now, Daphne Mir tells the world about her rise to rockstar lighting designer. Go, Daphne!

Jeff Handke, tell us what you love about light. GO!

It’s time for the men of The Duluth Crew to tell us why they love light. DO IT!

Drew Carter, it’s time to SHOW THE WORLD WHAT YOU GOT!

Nik Robalino, tell the world what you LOVE about LIGHT!

Last but not least, Zack Weigand shows the world what he loves about light. GO ZACK!

Okay internet – your turn.  In ONE WEEK from tomorrow, on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 by MIDNIGHT, a winner will be delcared, and their video posted on for all the world to see in its own post on Monday, September 27.  Contest participants, this is your time to tell the world to come and vote on your contest entry.

GET BUSY! Tell the world about your video!  Tell them to come here and vote!

VOTING: Everyone gets a vote, just choose from the list below.  RSS readers, come on over to the site and cast your vote for your favorite video!

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Let’s change the future by giving students worldwide the drive to become the next industry rockstars!

I’m Sorry for the Delay, WINNERS!

All Contest Winners from last week:

I wanted to drop a quick note and let you know that I have been getting slammed with a project at school, and I am still compiling contest data to get everything emailed or mailed out in the next day or so.  I am so grateful that you are all being so patient, and I thank you for being the awesome readers that you are!

Much love,

The Jim

Anniversary Week on – Friday Giveaways, and Grand Prize!


Today is the last day of the week of giveaways – it’s been a great week, hundreds of people have commented, twittered, and just plain been awesome.  Thank you so much for every single one of your wonderful comments – I love writing this stuff as much as you love reading it!  I read the metrics for the site daily, and you guys are the most dedicated readership a blogger could ever want!

I want to give my best, loudest, and most energetic screams of appreciation to the people who provided the merchandise we were able to you awesome readers:

Last but certainly not least, Shannon Dudley at Inkblot Creative for the fabulous site design, and my awesome wife for the code!

Thanks a lot for reading – I promise to keep giving you the best news I can find.

Friday Winners – two Zinman software 3-Packs (iSwitch DMX, PocketLD, and GelCalc), two 9-LED flashlights, one BMI Supply t-shirt, and one license of Zinman’s ML Finder PRO software!

Zinman 3-pack:
Dominic from Seattle
Zinman 3-pack:
Aron Altmark
9-LED flashlight:
Ofir Dori
9-LED flashlight:
Noah on the Goah
BMI Supply t-shirt:
Greg Owen
ML Finder PRO:
David Atkinson

And FINALLY – the Grand Prize Winner – who will be awarded with a lux meter from Mastech, a $20 coupon for the store (ie, a free t-shirt!!) a full Zinman software suite (iSwitch DMX, PocketLD, GelCalc, and ML Finder PRO), a BMI Supply t-shirt, and a 16-LED flashlight!

Congratulations, Colin Riebel, you’re the grand prize winner!

Thank you for reading, everyone! New stuff coming up and daily articles, as always! Winners, I’ll be contacting you all in the next few days, so make sure that jim [at] is not getting thrown into your SPAM folder!

Anniversary Week Giveaways on – Wednesday Winners!


I’m giving away more stuff today, tomorrow, and Friday because I love you all so much!  Friday I am giving away a grand prize – you’ll have to read that post to find out what and who. You can of course still enter the contest – just leave a comment at the original anniversary post – I’ve disabled comments on this post.

Remember – all winners are chosen by the cold, unfeeling finger of the Random Number Generator – no favoritism at, everybody rocks!

The Wednesday Anniversary Week Giveaway – first, six Zinman 3-Pack licenses (GelCalc, PocketLD, and iSwitch DMX)

Winner 1:
Karl W.
Winner 2:
Brad Peterson
Winner 3:
Kevin Gibson
Winner 4:
Josh Williamson
Winner 5:
Noah Craft
Winner 6:
Mark Couvillion

Also, T-SHIRTS! FLASHLIGHTS! One BMI Supply t-shirt, one ETC Selador t-shirt, two 9-LED flashlights, and one 16-LED flashlight!

BMI Supply t-shirt:
Amanda Lynne Ballard
ETC Selador t-shirt:
Jim Hagan
9-LED flashlights:
Brian Andrews and Andrew F. Griffin
16-LED flashlights:
Karen P.


I’m pleased to announce that reader Daphne Mir is the winner of the RAM contest!  Congratulations, Daphne!  You’re on a luck streak, apparently!  I’ll contact you about the details, enjoy the RAM! – The RAM Giveaway Ends Tonight!

Just a reminder – the end of the RAM giveaway is tonight at 11:59pm!  Get your entry in, all you have to do is contact me and say hi!  It’s a 2X2GB package, 240 pin DDR2.  Hurry up!

HEY! I’m Giving Away Four Gigs of RAM!

Another giveaway on – this time without a trivia question!  I’m giving away a four gig, dual channel pair of OCZ high-performance RAM sticks – DDR2 PC2 6400 5-4-4@2.1V.  These are 240-pin DIMMs, and run about $50 for the pair.  Four gigs will certainly pep up your system!  I upgraded to four gigs when I got WYSIWYG Perform, and it made all the difference.

For this giveaway, all you gotta do is contact me through the contact form – you have until Wednesday, May 13, 2009 at 11:59pm to do so.  I am going to take a random winner from all who enter, and shipping is on me!

Good luck!

jim on light

jim on light

The Podcast – Contest Reminder!

Just a reminder for Hump Day – the Podcast launched this week- the first podcast features an interview with Gil Densham of Cast Lighting, the makers of WYSIWYG.  I’m giving away free stuff in the podcast – two free licenses of Synthe-FX’s iPhone and ArtNet control platform, Luminair 1.5!  A $99.99 value, and I’ve got two for you!

Listen to the podcast – there are two questions that need answering in order to enter the contest.  Contact me through the contact form – do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT POST YOUR ANSWER in the comments!

Friday at 11:59pm is coming up quick!  Listen to the podcast, answer the questions, contact me through the contact form!